Apple wants it faster so buys Intrinsity fast Chip maker

Apple want things faster and of course want the fastest chip for its mobile devices so they have gone ahead and purchased another chip maker in order to gain that edge over their competitors according to an article over at nytimes.com

The company that they have now acquired is a small Austin, Tex company known as Intrinsity who are known for making pretty nippy versions of a computer chip which us normally found in mobile devices.

The deal was finalised last month and has since been confirmed by Apple yesterday, and shows that the company are yet again determined in gaining the edge in the mobile device market by way of purchasing technology and chip experts.

This isn’t the first time that we have seen Apple purchase a chip company in order to get that critical technology needed for making faster processors which use less energy.
The figure has been rumoured as being $121 million however Steve Dowling an Apple spokesman has declined to comment on the figure.

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