Microsoft vs. HTC: Android OS Software Patent Infringement

I’m not too sure why it has taken Microsoft so long to wake up and smell the roses, but apparently they have just realised that Google’s Android operating system infringes on numerous Microsoft owned software patents, although apparently just how Android infringes they haven’t revealed.

However; according to an article over on engadget by way of Cnet, Microsoft is under the impression that parts of the underlying operating system and user interface infringe on their patents, so perhaps just what patents are allegedly being infringed will be revealed in more detail later.

Word is Microsoft isn’t heading for the law courts just yet, but no doubt that is an open route if all else fails, but it appears that Android smartphone maker HTC has enough on their plate in the way of patent infringement lawsuits and has thus agreed to pay a licensing fee for “running the Android mobile platform.”

Which seems quite strange that HTC has to hand over cash in the form of royalties to Microsoft to run the Google owned platform, but the deal does apparently cover all Android handsets made by HTC.


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