Firefox (Fennec) Mobile Browser for Google Android Phones

At last Firefox (Fennec) Mobile Browser has landing on Google Android phones, up-to-date it has only started to be noticed on the Nokia N900.

Now it is finally available for Google Android, which is good news for those who owns the Nexus One, HTC Legend, Motorola Milestone and so forth, basically any handset that runs Android 2.0 and above, the pre-alpha build can be uploaded onto these phones.

At the moment the developers have said that it is an early build and that there will be a few flaws, it could leave your handset running a little slow and may need a reboot after persistent use. The app itself will exit and restart when you restart according to T3.

This is an early edition and can obtained from the web, obviously using your handsets current browser, for more information visit vlad1.com for all the main features, also visit bit-ly/fennec-android and you are ready to get going. Please let us know how you get along

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