RIM BlackBerry App World next generation download

If you currently use a BlackBerry device then this should interest you somewhat. RIM Research In Motion have ladled a verbal taste of the so called next generation of App World.

Yes that’s right, according to an article posted over at cnet.com RIM announced this just a day before the BlackBerry WES conference kicks off. App World being the place to buy and download software applications. It was confirmed by Jim Balsillie RIM’s Co-CEO that Blackberry’s App World application which must currently be downloaded in order for customers to be able to access, will soon come preloaded on all BlackBerry models with version 5.0 of the OS or above.

The second version of the application is going to included Wi-Fi capabilities, where as at the moment it only downloads over data networks. Soon the online catalog will mirror on the desktop on the phone app’s ability to purchase premium applications.

It has also been reported that RIM are closer to be able to offer carrier and also credit card billing in addition to taking payments for their applications through PayPal. Which you will need to register with in order to be able to download an app from the App Store app.

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