Every Android Phone Could Bring $20 to $40 in Royalties for Microsoft

You may be aware that Microsoft has suddenly realised that the Android Platform infringes on some of Microsoft’s patents and thus Microsoft is in the process of clawing in royalties from those it believes have infringes, meaning manufacturers who use the Android Platform.

Well according to an article over on pocket now who get the info via business week, Android handset makers such as HTC who have already struck a deal with Microsoft, see (here), may be forced to hand over somewhere between $20 to $40 per Android phone in royalties to Microsoft.

Microsoft are in the process of dealing with other Android phone makers by thus far haven’t announced just which manufacturers they are.

The Android OS is a big draw to phone makers because it is free to anyone who wants to make an Android phone, however with Microsoft now demanding royalties for patent infringement, the Android platform isn’t free anymore when you take into consideration the Microsoft royalties, which could well see manufacturers moving away from Android.

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