HP and Palm Deal Prompts Acer to Introduce Four New Smartphones

HP and Palm together has prompt Acer to introduce four new smartphones, yesterday we reported that HP was buying falling Palm for $1.2 Billion or $5.70 Per Share, and we also mentioned that HP said that Palm WebOS is Prize Asset and the possibility of this operating system being incorporated into HP tablets.

Well since the HP and Palm deal Acer has decided to introduce four new smartphones according to Reuters, which could help boost sales profits. The smartphone market is big business and everyone wants to be a part of it, big companies such as Apple and RIM are right up there with its smartphones and continue to grow immensely, can HP and Acer follow suit?

Acer seem to be doing very well with its laptop PCs and so much so profit margins have risen by a whopping 62 percent in first-quarter earnings.

As soon as we hear about Acer’s new smartphones we will let you know about each of them, at the moment all we know is that Acer will be introducing new handsets. All tongue and cheek at the moment as they say.

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