HTC Droid Incredible vs. iPhone 3GS Comparison Video

You may be aware that the HTC Droid Incredible is now available on Verizon Wireless and is apparently in high demand; you can read out previous report (here). So how does the HTC Droid Incredible stack up against the mighty iPhone 3GS?

Well so you can find out, we have a video comparison between the HTC Droid Incredible and the iPhone 3GS for your viewing entertainment today which lasts almost eighteen minutes and comes courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile.

In the video technobuffalo place both smartphones in a head to head showdown which covers browser and app speed, text entry, user interface, navigation, scrolling, notifications and applications.

So without further ado and any more from me, I’ll simply let you head on down and get to grips with the HTC Droid Incredible vs. iPhone 3GS head to head comparison video…enjoy.


6 thoughts on “HTC Droid Incredible vs. iPhone 3GS Comparison Video”

  1. TTT says:

    You mention that it has full flash support. Is the HTC flash support 10.1? Android 2.1 is supposed to have flashlite 4.0. I much prefer the incredible to the iphone. In the end it is cheaper too. I need to get off the expensive AT&T, not very reliable, service!

    If this is flash 10.1 I'm psyched! I will check it out this weekend!

  2. DWD says:

    It just seems like you're comparing a Dreamcast to a Playstation. While not as extreme, the iPhone is at least a year old, but I'm going to say that there is not that much difference between the original iPhone and the 3gs. While the Incredible is really….. well incredible, we have to wait till the next iPhone comes out (predictably this summer?) to do a fair comparison. As things stand now, the Incredible comes out on top but that could easily change very quickly.

    1. tom says:

      Fair enough… But Apple can't possibly keep up with their 1 device every year-2 years compared to Android having several devices every year. I predict the iPhone will be on top for a mere 2 months before a better Android device comes out, that is IF it can beat the HTC EVO which will have 4G. Apple needs to do a lot of work, because they are falling behind the game

  3. Adam says:

    I have used both an iphone 3GS and an HTC droid incredible and yes, the incredible has stronger hardware specs, faster CPU, higher def camera, more customization features etc..but the iPhone dominates as it has since day one in touch responsivity. I have had multiple Verizon phones, LG Dare, android and the HTC incredible and to be honest I wanted them to be better than the iPhone, but alas, the iPhone beats them all in the touch response times and the intuitive design of the software, not to mention the web browsing and email design etc…

    Don't even get me started on the incredible's lack luster battery life. It's standby time is half of that to the iPhone 3Gs.

    Yes Verizon releases a zillion new phones each year, but they are taking the quantity OVER quality route. Whereas apple is doing the opposite.

    Apple has one phone and one goal: to be the best, and they are doing that.
    Whereas all these other companies seem to be all about the money and just getting products out there, and their Quality Assurance is lacking in the software department. I had multiple bugs on the LG Dare phone with Verizon, but do they care? No, they only care about pushing out 20 newer phones etc.. Whereas Apple takes the time to focus solely on one phone and update the software and bugs constantly.

    Apple strike me as highly educated american software developers whereas all these other phones out there strike me cheap wannabe bootleg phones.

    There I said it; the iPhone is the real genuine smartphone whereas all the other phones are boot leg wanna be versions of it.

    I wanted someone else to beat the iPhone honestly I did, but it looks like the guys at apple are the best and the brightest…for now anyway…

  4. steve johnson says:

    Great review. thanks for the fair and balanced approach.

    While the phones seem to be very similar, and granted the incredible is brand new versus the 1 year old iphone, it would appear that the added advantage of verizons network vs. att's would definately give the incredible the nod…

    can you comment on that?

  5. hikerkm says:

    I am a verizon user, looking to move to a smart phone – I've been weighing iPhone or Incredible. This video was timely & very informative. Decided on the Incredible. Thanks so much!

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