Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Coming Late 2010 Reconfirms HTC

It wasn’t that long ago when Peter Chou, the CEO of Droid Incredible maker HTC announced his company expects to deliver a Windows Phone 7 smartphone before the end of the year, since then nothing else has been said on the matter.

However, now according to an article over on unwired view by way of Reuters, Chou has reconfirmed that HTC is planning on producing a Windows Phone 7 device by the end of 2010.

So unless HTC experience some kind of difficulties or delays we can expect to see a Windows Phone 7 handset launched sometime this year, but other than that there are no hard details on what to expect in the way of features and the like.

One thing is for sure though, with the HTC Droid Incredible now available, and the prospect of the new iPhone 4G making an appearance later this year, the Windows Phone 7 handset they launch will have some stiff competition to deal with.

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