O2 and Carphone Warehouse No Longer Purchasing Palm Pre

Last December the Palm Pre was launched exclusively by O2 in the UK with the Carphone Warehouse purchasing direct from O2. Well according to an article over on mobile today, O2 and Carphone Warehouse have now stopped buying the Palm Pre.

Apparently O2 has confirmed this and the reason is they have “enough to meet the demands” of O2 customers, and Carphone Warehouse has also confirmed the same.

On O2’s website blog, Steve Alder, the general manager of devices for O2 wrote…”When we first announced our exclusive relationship to sell the Palm Pre we talked about how exciting the webOS platform was and how it was a breakthrough in bringing information from lots of different places together.”

Apparently the Palm Pre has struggled to basically have any real impact in the UK market and O2 retail staff has apparently been complaining of poor sales. So there it is, no more Palm Pre smartphones being purchased by O2 or Carphone Warehouse which is probably another blow to Palm which it was announced that HP will be acquiring as reported (here).


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  1. mark says:

    it is no surprise that they will be no longer purchasing the Palm Pre as they will probably be selling the Palm Pre Plus, as disclosed by the same Steven Adler.

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