Video Preview: Skyfire 2.0 Beta for Android

Skyfire 2.0 Beta for Android was released today and the guys over at engadget have had a little playtime with it on their Nexus One superphone and have come up with a video preview, which we have below for your viewing pleasure.

The guys start off by making it quite clear that Skyfire 2.0 beta for Android “is easily the best browser we’ve used on the platform,” although they do need longer to fully check it out, but they say loading the desktop version of their website Skyfire 2.0 beta “rocked it.”

Apparently everything they saw displayed was “spot on perfect,” other than embedded flash. Apparently the browser handles Flash videos so they hoped on over to YouTube and the results of which you can view below.

Anyway the best way to find out is for you to hurry on down and mash the play button on this six minute Skyfire 2.0 beta for Android video preview…enjoy.

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