FIFA World Cup 2010 Official iPhone App

Fancy leading your country to Victory, in the popular spotting event of the world you can now play the official World Cup game for iPhone and iPod touch.

Celebrate the FIFA World Cup in South Africa from the comfort of your own iPhone or iPod touch. Choose from 105 international teams, and you can even play as your own country. Oh yes, even if they haven’t really qualified.

You can simulate the real event or just play out your own fantasies. You can chose playing in Captain or Country mode and feel all the passion which comes with representing your nation on the worlds biggest stage.

From Johannesburg to Cape Town you can get the real sights and sounds that come from South Africa. Features include all 10 super stadiums and locations of the host nation. Interested in getting this for just $6.99 then click here.

Source – appshopper.com

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