iPhone and Android Users better Google Image Search

An improved version of Google image search for the iPhone and Android 2.1 packing smartphones has now been launched by Google reports an article over on 3g, and this latest version improves the image search in several ways.

Google has tried to change the way you need to go through page after page looking for the image you want. Google image thumbnails are now square enabling more images per page plus you now have the ability to swipe to another page and so on.

Furthermore Google images have now been optimised so that all images load more quickly and thus again saving the user time. Google has also introduced a new special image viewing page with a black background so the images stand out better.

And we have a video outline of the new Google image search for iPhone and Android for your viewing pleasure below, so check it out and see what you think.


One thought on “iPhone and Android Users better Google Image Search”

  1. Legion says:

    At first I thought this was great. When I saw the uniform thumbnails and the super quick loads when selecting a pic I was very pleased. But then I realized something. The QUALITY of the photos suck. They look pixelated and horrible. So then I did a little test. One of the new features is that the display gives you the image size. So I searched for a few photos and made sure that the ones I was looking at had an image size that was larger than the screen of my iPod (i.e. pixel height and width greater than pixel height and width of screen). I noticed that no matter how big the photo, it looked like crap. So then I saved an image (of Godzilla if you care) using the new format then changed my setting to desktop and grabbed the same exact photo from the same exact URL and wow! what a difference. It was NOT in my mind. Both images are in the photo roll of my iPod touch and I can easily slide back and forth to compare them. The one that I saved using the desktop setting looks just fine and the one using the mobile version looks pixelated and aweful. Now let me be very clear here: the issue is NOT that the mobile version is less quality in general. PRIOR to the updated version of image search the photos looked the same regardless of whether I was using desktop or mobile. NOW the mobile version looks HORRIBLE compared to the desktop version. This sucks and I’ll tell you why. I always used to use the old mobile version because the screen was a little less cluttered etc. The new mobile version, although cleaner than the old, has horrible resolution. So thus I am now forced to use the DESKTOP setting when doing an image search. In other words, I have had to take a step BACK and my image searches are WORSE than they used to be. WHAT GIVES? google, you screwed up a great upgrade. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice or complain. Please fix asap or at least let me choose the old mobile version. Thanks.

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