Nexus One on Vodafone UK Released and Tariffs

Okay all you people in the UK who have been patiently waiting for the Google Nexus One superphone to become available from Vodafone UK, your wait is finally over because the Vodafone UK website has now released the Nexus One for purchase.

The great news is that you can gain your Nexus One smartphone as a free handset when you select a pay monthly plan of £35 and above for which you’ll receive 600 anytime minutes, unlimited inclusive texts based on a 2 year contract.

Other 2 year plans with the Nexus One free are £40 per month gets you 900 anytime minutes, unlimited text; £45 per month with 1200 anytime minutes and unlimited text; while £75 per month gets you 3000 anytime minutes and unlimited texts.

Of course there are 18 month contracts with a free Nexus One starting from £40 per month with 600 anytime minutes and unlimited texts, but so far you cannot gain the Nexus One on a 12 month agreement.

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