LG GW990 MeeGo Phone Will Not Be Released

Back at CES, LG showed off the LG GW990 and although its release was scheduled for the fall, the word according to the guys over at electronista, is that LG has now claimed that the LG GW990 was only every a concept and never intended for production.

Therefore the LG GW990 which was touted at the first Atom based handset by Intel, using a version of Intel’s Morrestown and would run Nokia and Intel’s new MeeGo platform will not be made.

The source of the news comes via phone arena, and apparently LG hasn’t offered any explanation as to why they have now decided to scrap the LG GW900.

The LG GW900 would have also been a mobile phone with one of the largest screens every at 4.8 inchs and the first MeeGo handset. So now that the LG GW900 is no more, I wonder what the first MeeGo smartphone will be, any ideas?

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