Video Motorola new RAZR3 series

It has been some time since the launch of the Motorola RAZR2, around three years ago in 2007, sadly it wasn’t as successful as the original RAZR. That was that really it came and went and not many people took any notice of it.

Thanks to the guys over at fonearena.com for the exclusive video leakage that we can now share with you. It seems that Motorola have been working extremely hard in bringing back the RAZR with the new RAZR3 series.

The video below shows us what is supposed to be the Motorola RAZR3 phone it looks like this has taken on from where the RAZR2 left off by following in a similar design mixed with the Motorola ZN5design.

The Motorola RAZR3 looks nice and shiny in the silver metal, the front touchscreen appears bigger than that in the previous model, the camera now on the back is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and maybe even Auto focus. Have a butchers at the video and see what you make of it. The device is also said to come with GPS, camera shutter key and also key guard switch.

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