May Day Holiday brings China Unicom Promotion

China Unicom will begin a large scale May Day holiday promotion along with several mobile phone manufacturer partners which includes Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sharp and Sony Ericsson reports an article over on trading markets.

The May Day holiday promo will include 3G handsets such as the high end Nokia N97 Mini, Samsung 16500U and Motorola XT701, Sharp SH902, the medium range Samsung S7520U, Samsung N5210U, Sony Ericsson J20, and the low end Samsung C5130U and Sony Ericsson J105i handsets.

The May Day holiday promo will be across 3,500 outlets across China and will feature gifts handed out with the mobile phones although just what gifts they may be hasn’t been revealed. The mobile phone in the May Day holiday promotion are all WCDMA tech with the Sony Ericsson J20 delivering a low-carbon lifestyle.

China Unicom, in March 2010 saw a growth of some 759,000 users of 3G up some 60 percent from February’s 470,000 and takes China Unicom’s total amount of 3G customers to roughly 4,824 million.

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