Apple Adobe Flash Wars: Who is Right? Mashable Poll

Apple says that HTML5 is the future and that Adobe Flash has had its day, and I’m sure you all know about the continuing tit-for-tit battle between Apple and Adobe and that Apple had banned Flash coming to their iPhone and iPad.

Adobe has countered Apple’s claims that Flash is basically on the way out but whatever Adobe says, Apple boss Steve Jobs simply isn’t having any of it and stands by his guns that Flash won’t come to the iPhone and iPad.

At the heart of the matter is HTML5 vs. Flash, whereby Apple thinks HTML5 is definitely the way forward while Adobe also stands by their product and is attempting to prove Jobs and Apple wrong by bringing Flash for mobile phones later in the year.

The real question is though which one is right, Apple or Adobe? That’s the big question Mashable has ran a poll on and at the moment the results currently place Adobe Flash ahead of the game with 9364 votes or 51 percent saying Flash will be an integral part of the web in future.

Whereas according to the poll HTML5 has so far garnered 5366 votes or 31 percent saying HTML5 is the future, and 2534 votes or 15 percent say neither Apple nor Adobe is right. So what are your views on the Apple Adobe Flash Wars; drop us a comment below.

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