HTC Incredible incredibly reboots persistently

A very interesting article posted over on Engadget.com via vzw.com in relation to some not very happy HTC Incredible owners, as there have been a number of reports it would seem to be legitimate.

Apparently HTC Incredible owners around North Carolina have been reporting that they are experiencing problems with their devices rebooting by themselves and with some element of persistence.

Some have tried new phones, various combinations or wireless settings and other various recommendations that have been suggested to them only to find that the problem is still occurring and just as often as before.

Verizon Wireless are apparently aware of the problem and there has been some suggestion of tower switching in those areas that suffer a low signal as this is what is to blame. One customer states the Incredible was taken back to the store and a further three phones were tried and they all suffered the same issues.


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  1. trev says:

    I am surprised by this. I don’t have an Incredible myself but have the g1 which is a lot slower and i have never had it reboot. It response gets very slugish when the cpu gets bogged down by multi tasking and limited memory, but never has it rebooted in the lust 18 months. In fact I’m not sure what’s being meant by reboot here. I haven’t heard of an android rebooting on its own. The os will force the user to “force close” an app when a problem is encountered. But I’ve never heard of an actual reboot for whatever reason, unless initiated by the user.

  2. Larry says:

    I received mine on the 29th, and on the 30th it started rebooting. I live in northern Michigan. It seems to only do it pretty rarely when I'm at home, but when I drive in and out of service areas (service is spotty up here in the country), it seems to do it more often. Restarted about 3 times between Cheboygan and Mackinaw City.. which is about a half hour drive. Had GPS, Wi-Fi, and 1x/3G turned on, and was streaming Pandora. Haven't called yet, figured I'd give them a day or two since they are already aware of the problem.

  3. Munish says:

    I had the same problem. Called Verizon and simple solution worked for.

    Keep phone turned on and remove the battery for 15second. Put the battery back in and it has never happened after that.
    (Don't turn off the phone to remove the battery)

    Call Verizon after words to re-program it if needed (*22899)

  4. scott says:

    I have had this problem with my incredible when at work where signal is very poor. I have never had it reboot at home, or in and around my normal area. This would seem to support the low signal or tower switching theory as I work in an rural area with poor signal.

  5. Lisa says:

    I got my first one on the 29th when it was released. I couldn't use any features, not even make a phone call, without it going into a reboot cycle. By the time I was able to get it replaced, due to backorders, the reboots were so bad that eventually it wouldn't even turn on. I'd remove the battery and all that, and 75% of the time, it wouldn't even turn on before it went into that wannabe reboot cycle

  6. David says:

    I bought my incredible the a few days after it was released. It worked fine the first week. The second week, i noticed that it began to reboot on its own. i noticed that it would reboot when I was using one the LIVE WALLPAPER which came with the phone. I stopped using the live wallpaper and used one of my son's pictures as my wallpaper. I noticed the rebooting dramatically stopped.

  7. david says:

    a few months later I downloaded the nexus reloaded live wallpaper. it worked great. no reboots.. althought it did make my home screen a bit sluggish and would drain my battery a bit. But in all, I found it to be kind of cool. Yesterday 07-30-10, an update for the nexus reloaded wallpaper was pushed. it was a bit different from the one I had. my phone worked as usual. Today 07-31-10, while I had my blue tooth jawbone icon connected, i noticed that it disconnected several times by the tone in my ear piece. that was due to rebooting on its own. I later attempted to use the stock navigator to help me navigate. half way to my destination, my Dinc rebooted it self. not once, but continued to do so. maybe about 10 times. My Dinc did not allow me to navigation. every time I tried to use the navigation or google maps app, the phone would shut it self down and reboot. I was in disbelief, just watching the phone reboot it self, and a bit embarrasing because this was all happening as my co-worker looked on.

  8. david says:

    Not knowing where I was going, we were stuck. Considering that I'm in law enforcement, thank god the place i was attempting to get to was a life and death situation. I was angry and disappointed with my phone. I also noticed that every time it would reboot, the phone got hotter and hotter. I the battery was also getting drained. My partner thinking it might be a dying battery issue, he told me to plug in the phone and try again. I did, and it continued to reboot. I pulled out the battery, and put it back in, restarted the phone, only to find the same rebooting results.

  9. david says:

    Its a shame that I take good care of this phone, and have all the top notch protective accessories like Seidio active case and screen protector and this as happening. I'm using a mugen power 1800 mhz battery as well, but I dont think its the cause of the sroblem. By the way that Battery extends the battery life approximately 30%, and I highly recommend. I attempted to call verizon to report the problem, but they only work till 5 pm on saturdays and are closed on sundays, so Im kind of stuck.. I replaced my nexus wallpaper with another pic of my son and the phone hasn't rebooted. I also did a *228 roaming update, which rebooted the phone. I hope that fixed the problem. I plan to report the problem on monday to verizon. I just hope they dont tell me a sack of lies like, "we were not aware of the problem." Any way, I love this phone and I hope my phone is fixed with the roaming update If not, I hope they roll out an update on froyo to fix the problem..

  10. INcredReboot says:

    Just my 2 cents on the issue. I've had the phone for about 2 months and the first month it rebooted periodically, but not unbearalbe. In the past few weeks the reboots have become more frequent – about 5-20 per day. I got stuck in the reboot loop the other day when my battery was at 15% power. Usually it reboots and comes back on fine. I has done this during a call, during navigation, launching a program, but has also done it while in standby in my pocket, etc. I called VZW yesterday and the gave me the usual, "we haven't had this issue reported…" response. I told them to check the web, there are hundreds of responses on forums and message boards about this VERY common issue. They recommended a hard reset, I said no thanks…I'll wait for froyo to possibly fix the issue. So for now I'm holding my breath…this is a great device, not a great phone mind you, but a great device – IF it would stay powered on!!!

  11. Cassandra says:

    I live in northern California in a small town with pretty bad reception but when I get into Sacramento area I still experience the excessive rebooting problem. So i dont believe its the area thats makes it reboot. Its pretty frustrating especially the fact that I've only had this phone for a week and a half! I ordered a new phone hopefully that will work I havn't experienced this problem until yesterday. Today i went to Verizon to have it fixed! Hopefully this new phone will work and not be an area problem…we'll see!!! I love the phone besides the whole rebooting thing..but it's defiantly a drag..hopefully its an easy solution for all the various similar problems.

  12. IMC says:

    Mine reboots after a few minutes of use. Removing the battery does not work!! I got new phones (and you know hw you keep the same battery) well, they all rebooted in the same way. Do you think it might be a battery issue? Worth getting a new one?

  13. Rachel says:

    I work at Seatac airport and mine seems to reboot there every few days and only rarely does it anywhere else. Fortunately it is only every few days so far.

    I will try the battery out solution and report back in a few weeks.

  14. a.v. says:

    I've had my Incredible a couple of weeks now and really like the phone. My only problem is it will reboot after the slightest bump on a hard surface. This seems to be a randome thing too. I've flat out dropped the phone and it stayed on. Other times if I've dropped it on the table it will reboot. I have a silicon case for it since I do have the tendancy to drop my phones, but its odd how it reboots sometimes after a bounce on my desk or table. But stay on when I've dropped on pavement.

  15. AME says:

    mine reboots every time i turn it off and every time it turns off by itself!!!!! very frustrating. So I had to stop turn it off and also turn off the automatic turn off options to save power. Now the phone is on all the time and the battery runs out very fast. I did what Munish recommeded of taking the battery off for 15 seconds while the phone was off but it did not work!!!! 🙁 Any other recommendations?????

  16. Owen-TN says:

    I am having problems with my Android Incredible shutting off for no reason and then restarting/rebooting. It continues the rebooting cycle usually until I take the battery out.
    Wondered if it was overheating. Got a new extended battery and same problem exists.

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