HTC Droid Incredible selling out fast everywhere

There is no denying that Verizon has always been a carrier that is famous for the services it rendered as apposed to the Smartphones they have sold. And a recent post over on devicemag.com claims that has now changed.

Then we had all the talks around the arrival of the Nexus One and also about the Verizon labelled iPhone, however, neither of them really materialised into reality. Now though we have the HTC Droid Incredible and Verizon have finally become a brand that now is also famous for the Smartphones it is offering and not just high quality services.

The HTC Droid Incredible has become the first Smartphone which Verizon has offered that is selling extremely fast indeed. Verizon stores are continuing to run out of stock all across the United States.

Even the Verizon website has sold out of the available stock and then there is a notification that states due to high demand the device will ship by 5-7 days. One thing for sure is that this is a highly demanded Smartphone but if the out of stock messages are getting to you. You can dash over to Best Buy and get your hands on one for $200.

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