iPhone 4G to sport 5 megapixel camera from LG Innotek

It has been reported over at i4u.com something that we reported on earlier in the week here in relation to the next iPhone and its camera.

Not surprisingly the next iPhone will be sporting a m megapixel camera, and it seems that this camera will be provided by LG Innotek. The camera’s have apparently gone into production already and are expected to go into mass production after June.

In our earlier report, a Korean newspaper also claimed that the production would be ramped up during the second half of the year. This ties in quite nicely with all that has been heard so far about the iPhone 4G.

The possible launch date nears as Apple have announced their WWDC for June 2010 and a nice 5 megapixel camera would do wonders for the device and will be far better than the current camera on the 3GS.

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