New iPhone 4G and Nokia N8 price update

Thanks to the guys over at product-reviews.net for this update in relation to the Nokia N8 price. We reported earlier on today about the new Nokia N8 and its QT software which can be read here if you missed it.

The Nokia N8 was announced just under a week ago and now we have the all important details that we have all been eagerly awaiting what is the price going to be? In a market currently dominated by the Apple iPhone the price would need to be a competitive one at that.

This will be a big deal for when Apple decide a price for the iPhone 4G but are they really that bothered at this stage? The price of the Nokia N8 is said to be £320 without a contract which is around £130 cheaper than the current 16GB iPhone 3GS.

One can expect that the fourth generation iPhone will be selling for around the same price or similar to the current model and looking at those rumoured specifications it would certainly seem at this stage that the Nokia N8 has much more to offer.

The N8 comes with a 12 megapixel camera, the iPhone 4G will offer just 5 megapixel, so the Nokia wins that one. The Nokia will boast Dolby Digital Plus surround sound the iPhone wont be in a position to compete with that either. Okay the iPhone has its apps but then the Ovi store is improving. So taking into account that and the hardware it would seem that the iPhone may need to come with an amazing price reduction.


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