No Phone Zone Day 2010: Does Oprah Winfrey rule?

She certainly has the power doesn’t she? Oprah Winfrey seems to pretty much be capable of making any suggestion and getting it to stick. And the recent article over at culturemap.com just goes to prove the amount of power she possesses.

It seems that what ever she wished to happen it happens, hence National No Phone Zone Day, which took place because Oprah wanted it too. Of course we all know that it is a good idea to have people willing to sign pledges saying that they will refrain from using their mobile phones while diving.

It is however, a little more crazy to think that the whims of any one single person even if you happen to be the great Oprah Winfrey can create a day just like that from thin air that cities all around the country feel compelled to follow.

It would seem this is a lady that people just cant seem to say no too. So then Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signs a bill which bans texting when driving at General Motors iconic headquarters, the Renaissance centre rather than at the statehouse as Oprah’s production team feel that the setting makes better TV viewing.

Four other cities hold No Phone Zone Day rallies because Oprah urges them too. What is even more amazing is that even cities that wasn’t selected for a rally desperately try to please Oprah. Presidents all wish they somehow could possess this amazing power.

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