Samsung Galaxy 3 with Android browser coming

It has been a little while since Samsung launched its middle of the range Android phones. Such as the Galaxy i7500and the Spica i5700.

According top an article over at techtree.com via tweakers.net it could be that there is another on its way to us. With Samsung being bullish on the same for their Smartphones in 2010 it is quite obvious that the company would of course be trying to increase the number of Smartphones that they have in the bag.

With Android now playing a major part in the sales of mobile phones apart from Samsungs very own Bada OS. Either way there has been recent reports regarding the possibility of Samsung coming up with a new device in the very near future.

The device is expected that it may be known as the Galaxy 3 when it is launched and it is rumoured to come with the Android browser revealed its browser UA. The Galaxy 3 otherwise known as the i5800 or i5801. The phone is expected to feature Wi-Fi certification for the Samsung i5801 and Bluetooth 3.0. Sadly no images are available yet but when we find them we will share them with you.

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