HP purchase Palm for $1.2 billion what about the phones?

The purchase of Palm by Hewlett Packard for the sum of $1.2 billion has come as a bit of a surprise to most of us really and of course this means several things now for Palm but the question is what about the phones?

According to an article over at ctv.ca explains of course this is a new lease of life for Palm devices but this means there will be serious competition in Smartphones with HP alone pushing operating systems from both Google, Microsoft and now of course Palm.

The companies will be aiming for different areas of the market such as business, speciality purposes and consumer. In the longer term not only the phones will be in the fighting but also consumer electronics.

HP’s senior Vice president is already talking about phones, tablets and other kinds of hardware that offer internet connectivity. The first consumer products were the Pixi and the Pre which although had nice reviews sadly didn’t have enough consumer interest to get Palm the cash they so desperately needed to build more.

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