iPhone 4G Launch Delay Possible Due to Court Ruling

Well now there is a chance we may not see the upcoming next generation iPhone popularly referred to as the iPhone 4G when we expect to see it launch according to an article over on Only Kent who gained the information via Ozcar Guide as the release of the iPhone 4G may be delayed.

According to the article, LG Korea who manufactures the OLED displays for the next generation iPhone and the Apple iPad is currently fighting a lawsuit over; yes you guessed it, patent infringements against AUO.

Unfortunately though it appears the judge involved came down on AUO’s side and ruled that not only did AUO not infringe on patents but it was the other way round and that LG Korea infringed on AUO patents.

AUO’s response to which is that they are trying to get an injunction placed on LG which in effect would stop LG from shipping their displays to the US and thus would delay the launch of the new iPhone 4G along with continuing to offer the iPad.

No doubt LG will be working hard to try and sort this little one out, as Apple’s business is worth a whopping $500 million to LG and Apple won’t want any hold ups to their latest technology.


One thought on “iPhone 4G Launch Delay Possible Due to Court Ruling”

  1. Lon says:

    Wouldn't have this problem if Apple had gone with the higher quality Super AMOLED display (4") by Samsung. They tried to screw us with another small sized display

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