Palm Pre & Palm Pixi just $29 with two year contract

Hewlett Packard last week snapped up the company Palm which we reported on here, saving the day of the Smartphone maker that has been struggling over the last few months. Now according to an article over at hothardware.com both the Pixi and the Pre have seen a price cut.

The two webOS Smartphones have received not just a little price cut but rather a major one. The Palm Pre is selling for just $29 with a two year contract which is an amazing $120 less than the original price only a few months back.

For a phone which is a high end device with 16GB of storage not to mention the slide out keyboard, touchscreen display amongst other great features $29 is nothing to pay really.

If the Pre doesn’t tick all your boxes how about the Pixi also available for just $29 with a two year contract, that isn’t where the good news stops though as Verizon are offering a buy one get one free deal for both the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus.

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