HTC Legend Destined for AT&T Shows FCC

The guys over at engadget have been doing their usual snooping of FCC documents and have come across a pixelated label that is a very similar to the label that can be located beneath the endcap of the unibody HTC legend smartphone.

However they say this particular label isn’t the same that has been seen before as the FCC documentation states the handset is for the WCDMA 850/1900 bands which is a fairly good indication that this little beast is destined to surf the Big Blue waves of AT&T and well as possibly Canada’s Telus, Roger and Bell.

The FCC ID also lends itself as evidence as the original HTC legends sports the ID PB76100 while this new label carried a very similar FCC ID of PB76110.

So taking all that in to consideration, and obviously no HTC Droid Incredible, it would appear that over in the good ole US of A, AT&T just might be getting some HTC Legend goodness fairly soon.

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