Motorola may bring own OS after acquiring Azingo

It has been recently reported over at softpedia.com via androidandme.com it would appear that Motorola may have something up their sleeve.

The latest reports across the internet are suggesting that Motorola may be considering coming to the market and bringing with them their own operating system.

Motorola have recently acquired a mobile platform company known as Azingo, a small company with is own mobile OS called Azingo mobile. It apparently includes some comprehensive applications like a web kit based browser flash runtime and full developer tools.

Earlier on this year the company had announced their intention to split into two entities one which was to focus on the building of mobile phones and the other may have been to have its own platform to pre load devices with. Whichever way you look at it, if Motorola do own their own mobile platform it is certain to help regain some of the market share.


One thought on “Motorola may bring own OS after acquiring Azingo”

  1. Charlie says:

    ".. web kit based browser flash runtime …"
    These 6 words without their necessary punctuation are a bit opaque.
    I suspect the author means:
    "… WebKit-based browser, flash runtime …"

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