LG Ally Release Date, Iron Man 2, Augmented Reality

At last LG have officially given us some good news about the LG Ally release date, we will get to that date a bit.

The LG Ally Android device will feature an Augmented Reality application, which is very exciting and those who buy this smartphone will be able to download Augmented Reality app. This app features exclusive Iron Man 2 content by texting 95173 from their mobile phone or at www.lgim2.com

The full slide out QWERTY keyboard will be available from May 20, 2010 and Tony Stark’s face will be all over it, the LG Iron Man 2 event will feature “Stark-worthy” technology. The event will be held by LG on May 11 and will give movie fans something very special such as Augmented Reality experiences and of course an hands-on look at the LG Ally handset. Please watch the promo commercial video here.

Now after reading the above, which is very good news we would love to know who the carrier wil be for the LG Ally, will it be Verizon by any chance?

You can read the full press release over on Engadget, the 3 things that stand out has to be: LG Mobile Phones Joins Forces With Marvel Entertainment To Create a Multi-Media Marketing Campaign for ‘Iron Man 2’, Movie Tie-In Features ‘Stark-Worthy’ TV Spots, Futuristic Micro Site and Game, Special Edition Marvel Comic Book and Robust Movie Promotion Program and Campaign Culminates with Film-Themed Event Highlighting Augmented Reality Technology and the New LG Android Device.

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