Nokia N8 32GB Internal Storage Rumour, total 64GB

There are rumours flying around that the new Nokia N8 could get a potential 32GB of internal storage, now if this is all true that could mean the handset would have a staggering 64GB with the help of the card slot.

The Nokia N8 is not yet official at the moment and we are now seeing speculations of another model, Engadget reveal from their source that the retail packaging had N8-00/32GB printed on the box.

At the moment we know for a fact that the model to be released will have 16GB built in and can be expanded to 32GB with the help of the microSD slot. We have already seen the phone taken apart and its pictures and of course the online user manual, well we want to learn a whole lot more about this device.

Would you prefer the normal one that we know about with 16GB that can be expanded to 32GB, or would your prefer the 32GB version that can be expanded to 64GB of storage? As soon as we hear anymore about the Nokia N8 we will let you know.

Source — Mobile Whack


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