Nokia N8 User Manual Released Online

If you are thinking about picking up the new Nokia N8 smartphone when it becomes available you just might want to take a glance at the Nokia N8 User Manual so you can get to know just how to use the device. Well according to an article over on my nokia blog, the N8 user manual is now available online.

Of course probably not many of you bother with perusing a smartphones user manual, but getting a look at the manual beforehand often helps.

However for those that loves to get to grips with every detail about a smartphone you can access the Nokia N8 User Manual right (here), PDF. You can view the Nokia N8 browser demo video (here)

Apparently though is some areas of the user manual such as the photo portion the Nokia N97 has been used, which could have done with extra explanation; however, inside you get all the usual info associated with a phone user manual, but is this the final Nokia N8 user manual?


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