Nokia N8 is real so the Nokia N98 could be too

It was only the other day when Nokia fanatics out there sighed a sigh of relief as the Finnish manufacturer announced their first 12 megapixel camera which had been a flurry of rumours until then.

The Nokia N8 which we have reported on previously here, is a top quality Smartphone running Symbian and its capable of recording HD video and has a HDMI output a pretty cool device.

According to the guys over at mobileshop.com via Engadget.com they have found out that the Nokia battery is not removable according to Nokia that is, and as the iPhone has previously been dragged up about this it seemed only fair for the same treatment was be applied to the Nokia handset.

Apparently it has been reported that there is a slight difference with the Nokia N8 it is really easy to remove the non removable battery from the device. Don’t suggest you try this at home though as it will probably void your warranty.

The other interesting rumour or speculation is that there may well be a 32GB version coming out, as apparently somebody has spotted a box with 32GB written on it. I wouldn’t hold your breath just yet though. Its worth remembering that the Nokia N8 exists as we know, so it could well mean that the Nokia N98 may be genuine after all.

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