Palm Pixi Plus thinnest handset jets to Vodafone Spain

If you are looking for a really stylish and thin device with powerful features and a reliable network carrier then we may have the answer here for you right now.

According to an article over at mobiletor.com we have an update on the date that the Palm Pixi Plus will be hitting the grounds in Spain with Vodafone and that all important date is not far away just May 10th.

Said to be Palm’s thinnest handset so far the Pixi Plus does fit very nicely into the palm of your hand or into you pocket. It is equipped with a host of entrancing features, and all in all is a great device for both work and play.

It features a touchscreen and also a full QWERTY keyboard which is accessible instantly for both messaging and web content. Palm Inc’s senior vice president Product Marketing Katie Mitic has said that the company are excited to bring the Palm Pixi Plus to Spain for Vodafone customers.

The Palm Pixi Plus is also capable of running multiple applications at simultaneously and users can move easily between them. In a glossy exquisite design the Pixi really looks the part and puts forward the defining features of Palm webOS.

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