Verizon Palm Pre Plus Hits $30

Although webOS phone maker Palm has seen more than their fair share of problems, HP has stepped up to the mark and acquired the once top smartphone manufacturer as reported (here) However, this hasn’t stopped Verizon Wireless from dropping their Palm Pre Plus to a low $29.99 a pop, reports Gizmodo via phone scoop.

So you can now gain the once heralded Palm saviour smartphone for under the $30 mark although you will still be required to sign up for a two year agreement.

The Verizon Palm Pre Plus still costs $600 off contract though and debuted for $200 on contract and now with the Palm Pre Plus hitting the $30 mark it places it at the same price point as its sister phone the Palm Pixi Plus which also sells for $30.

I guess the big question is can HP and Palm turn things around with new webOS handsets as it looks like the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi have just about had their day.

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