Google Editions Release for Mobile smartphones and other Devices

It appears that Google is stepping up their attempt to dominate practically everything other than their recent attempt to gain domination in the smartphone arena with their Nexus One superphone. Android is spreading rapidly in the smartphone world and smartphone can read ebooks.

And according to an article over on digital trends by way of the WSJ, Google is gearing up to launch Google Editions sometime in June or July and go in direct confrontation with the likes of Amazon, Apple, Sony and Barns & Noble in the ebook market.

Google has been working on launching their own ebook service for over a year and has offered numerous public domain titles to ebook readers in the ePub format. Google Editions though will focus on delivering catalogue and current titles from major publishers.

At the moment Google hasn’t slapped any pricing on their offerings nor have they stated which publishers may be included in the Google Editions program. However Google will be advertising Google Editions to customers as ebooks which can be shared “across a wide range of devices” which includes mobile devices (meaning mobile phones and smartphones), netbooks PCs and ereaders.

Goole also intend to launch an affiliate program that will enable independent booksellers, online businesses and retailers to offer Google Editions on their own websites and retain a large portion of the sales revenue. Another small step towards world domination by Google it would seem.

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