iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 Multitasking Closing Applications

The new iPhone OS 4.0 is getting near its release date and at the moment it is at beta 3 stage, well we have some more information about multitasking.

Thanks to BGR they have found some really good features such as ‘Multitasking Closing Applications’, at the moment we have to close apps down to open other applications, which is a pain in the backside, well not no more.

If you shut down such apps in the background like previous releases it was a complete nightmare, but now thanks to iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 you do not have to press, hold and click close for each of these apps.

Now you can simply press and hold an icon of the apps you are running and then you will be prompted with an option to close whatever ones you wish in very quick succession.

BGR says in a nutshell and simple terms, it is the same way as if you were going to delete an app of your iPhone. Hurry up Apple and give us the full release before you even release the new iPhone 4G, that would be fantastic of that could happen.

Please learn more about the new iPod widgets on the dock here, we will bring you more news on the iPhone OS 4.0 as soon as we hear about it.

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