HTC Droid Incredible Unboxed, Disassembled, and Reassembled on Video

Well now this is an unusual way to see an unboxing as it combines not only an unboxing of the HTC Droid Incredible but also the disassembly and reassembly of the new smartphone and all captured on video.

One certainly can’t say this is a traditional way of doing things and the guys over at TechRestore have cut out the need for a human with this nice little almost three minute video courtesy of the guys over at engadget.

In said video we see the HTC Droid Incredible; on which we are looking for your little problems and reviews (here) unboxed taken apart and put back together all in stop motion animation without a human hand in sight except on the reassemble, and no commentary either but then it doesn’t actually need any.

Best not to say anymore and spoil it for you so I’ll stop there and let you head on down to mash play on that HTC Doid Incredible video and enjoy, and feel free to share your views in our comments area below.

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