HTC Droid Incredible Problems and Reviews: Submit Yours Now!

If you own the HTC Droid Incredible smartphone we would love to hear about any problems you are having with the device, being it hardware or software. We would love for you to send us your personal reviews about this handset as well.

The HTC Droid Incredible has been selling out very fast indeed so it goes to prove this is a very popular smartphone on peoples wish list, this does not come without problems according to recent articles we have written, there have been many problems according to users.

Some problems that are occurring includes exchange email problems, apparently the device reboots persistently, there are probably more problems with this handset that we do not know about and this is where you come in.

On the positive side of this phone we know that there are many happy customers, and not only do we want to know about the problems you are facing but we also want to know about the good reviews, does the camera take quality photos, is searching the web as fast as you would like it to be, it the touchscreen up to scratch, we could ask so many questions.

So please do visit the comments area below and let us know if you are experiencing any problems/issues with the HTC Droid Incredible, and please do send us your personal reviews as well. Thanks


342 thoughts on “HTC Droid Incredible Problems and Reviews: Submit Yours Now!”

  1. Leo says:

    I've had the phone since 4/30 and I continue to be impressed. However, the phone is a battery killer. I've spent the last two days learning how to save the battery and found quite a few task-killer apps among other user tips to help. As it turns out, I just had EVERYTHING running all the time (wi-fi-, GPS, etc.) among other bad habits. . Once I've learned how to manage battery consumption, I'm breathing much easier.

    1. Lori says:

      "I've spent the last two days learning how to save the battery and found quite a few task-killer apps among other user tips to help".

      Can you share what you found out?

      1. ramon says:

        download Advanced Task Killer…its free and absolutely amazing, already highlights everything all you have to do is click Kill Selected Apps and you're done. It'll show a huge increase in battery life

    2. Karl says:

      Mine surfs the web well and is great with email. Had to return it today as the voice quality on th phone is horrible. The unit drops calls and the bluetooth does not work in my car. Had to pay a $52 restocking fee even after they told me that a software fix would be released soon. Wasted two hours in the Virozon store while the manager tried to con me. What a waste of a beautiful device!!!

    3. Kaylee says:

      I loved my phone for about the first month of using it. But now, I keep getting a message that says "Low on Space." The phone wants me to delete applications to free up space on the phone. However, my phone has PLENTY of space leftover and it has nothing to do with the applications. The problem that I keep reading about with the Incredible is that when you link your contacts to facebook and twitter, it then triples your contacts and therefore takes up more space then necessary. Only solution, wipe the phone and not allow the phone to link with facebook and twitter. Since my phone thinks I don't have enough space, I don't get my emails at all.
      If it wasn't for that, great phone.

  2. Adam says:

    No Problems Here!

    Great pictures. Fast as hell! Faster then home internet. Even when tethering.

    Great Phone. Better then the rest

  3. Darren says:

    Ive had the phone for a week now… it has rebooted on me several times during phone calls…. I was told to pull the battery for 30 seconds… did that… still does it… three times today so far…

    1. Travis says:

      I have this problem every day. Im on my 3rd incredible with the warranty since June and I always have this problem of it shutting off and on randomly.

      1. Jennifer says:

        Me too! How frustrating! Had this problem with my nokia intrigue (went through 4 of those) and the LG Envy Touch. You'd think technology would be advanced enough to prevent stupid problems like this. I'm talking on the phone and the next thing I know I hear "DROID!" screaming in my ear from my phone restarting. WTF.

  4. Tom W. says:

    I got the phone on the first day. I had to return it next day since I was not able to flip the screen from horizontal to vertical and back. The new phone I got has no issue like that.
    However I am experiencing issues with the VZW reception. I live in Manhattan and work in Newark, NJ so you would think a good reception isn't a question in this densely populated area . It sure is. E.g. when running in Central Park my connection drops from 3G to 1X and this makes it impossible to listen to music steam programs like Slacker or Tuneswiki. I tried programming the phone with *228 but even this does not solve the problem. Even here in Newark (work in 13th Floor) the reception reaches barely 2 bars).
    Other than that I love this phone. I originally changed from the iPhone on AT&T to the Nexus One on T-Mobile.

    1. John says:

      Service in Manhattan on this phone sucks. The voice from the other end is wrapped in static and comes across as packets. The GSM service I had with AT&T and Tmobile, while slower on the data side are much more clear. I am wondering if this is just the phone or if it is Verizon… ???

    2. Greg says:

      I had the same problem. I live on Southern California and never had more then two bars. The battery life on the phone was also way below average. I used 3 different task killers and still blew through the battery in less the 3/4 of the work day. Overall, The phone does not stand up to it billing and returned it within a week. I am now back to my old blackberry and having no reception problems and the battery last all day and then some.

  5. Bryan says:

    Only issue so far is linking people to a facebook profile….once linked, the picture doesn't ever update, and when I try to update from the person's details, it forces close.

    1. Danny says:

      Go to sync delete facebook, reinstall after 30 seconds. you wont have to re link everything- it does it automaticlly. works just have to do it every so often.

    2. Kimberly says:

      Get the" sync my pic" app… but even with that when you do sync ,it uses what ever picture at the time of sync they had on FBOOK.. Youh ave to go into the sync my pic app once in a while and "re-sync it"

  6. Jonarhan says:

    Call quality and reception are terrible. Lack of data coverage and choppy calls. Live in a major city so reception should be great.

  7. Gavin Helme says:

    Mine sucks, it worked great at first but now the screen does not work and the phone has a mind of it's own. Called Verizon today and their response was literally that I am the only person to ever call in with a problem. Two master resets later and it still doesn't work. I asked for a replacement, they said no problem they might be available around the 15th. Are you kidding me? What lousy customer service. They can't even support what they sell.

    1. Gregg says:

      I'm having the same issue. Screen isn't very responsive, and is possessed. It'll start opening programs, typing random letters, etc while I'm not even touching the screen. There's also a dead spot on the screen, I can't press the letters U, H, and B unless I turn it sideways.
      Verizon said they'd replace it, but nobody has one in stock. If I order a replacement through the phone it'll take 2-3 weeks, and they want to me to pay for the replacement in full until I return the old one! Bullshit!

      1. katerios says:

        at least they are replacing yours. They want me to pay $85 dollars because they claim it has water damage. My last phone had 'water damage' from me crying while on a phone call…really…geez

    2. TED says:

      Mine did that like it was possessed you would hit the home screen and it would flip all the way to right and then left all by itself. Download a task killer I found since apps dont close the phone would wig out when it had a million apps sitting and running ever since I started using a app killer its been perfect.

    3. Bruce Morgan says:

      Well, hell's bells…after 2 hrs @ the Verizon Customer Service Center here in Panama City, Fl. (which consisted of uploading my contacts//formatting my Incredible/re-downloading my contacts), I STILL have issues. I've had it since 5/4/2010. The screen is possessed, it starts, stops, & manipulates apps by itself, calls people in my phonebook, etc… and the screen is not responsive so I CAN'T STOP IT, lol!! I was told the(since they're sold out) they would have a new on for me next week…just keep using it until then. Hell, I may just turn back on my Razor until I receive my new one and see if it has issues too . Beyond that, the battery life sucks unless U use an app-killer to terminate running(unknown) processes, and it gets HOT while using it. The cam is AWESOME, reception is well above average in my area, and it's a breeze to use(once you figure out the learning curve is about 7-10 days, lol!). I will definitely NOT be giving up on it, but would like them to fix the bugs… can a brotha get a patch already!!

      1. OMG…I have the same problem. I can't do anything if the phone is charging…and while I can't do anything…it will start to act possessed with the differenct screens moving, icons poppingup and starting the application. And how much are these phones worth?

    4. Jacob says:

      Have they replaced the phone for you yet Gavin? Mine just started doing all that stuff and so far, the customer service has been horrible. Any ideas what causes the phone to do that?

    5. Beverly says:

      Same problem with my phone. Faulty touch screen which at times wouldn't allow me to even make a phone call much less use apps. Replaced phone with new one (which was a gigantic hassle because there are no phones available), but the new phone has worked much better. I'm sure Verizon had had some complaints because I started complaining the day after the phones were released!

    6. kyle says:

      do you work for verizon?????? i dont think you understand the stuff they go through. its not them its the htc company…. and with such a popular phone they are mass producing there is no way your gonna get one right then and there. mine flew off the back of a car by the way, and it still works perfectly fine…..check for user error. maybe your frustration was taken out on the touchscreen itself.

    7. julia says:

      I've had to have one master reset and I've only had it for a month I am sitting here now with the freaking battery out of it so that hopefully I don;t have to go back in for another reset. arrghhh so frustrating

    8. amanda says:

      mine has been freazing up and rebooting all on its own i have to take batt out several times a day cus of freazing it wont let me answer calls most of the time i took it to verizon store they called in and did a master reset and said if it acts up in the next week call in and they will send me a new one i called today and they said they were goin to then put me on hold and said that there is an app that i supposidly have called y that will solve the problem!!! dont have an app called y now what???????????

  8. linda says:

    Great phone. Preordered it so I could have it first day. Still trying to figure out all of the things it can do. No problem with battery life. Got absolutely no support at Verizon store and found little info in the literature sent with the phone. I’m over 50 and really need some help learning everything. Just found out I can connect it to my laptop and have internet access anywhere. What a great feature. Just wish there was as much support as for an IPhone at the apple store.

    1. ozzie says:

      You must work for Verizon! getting too much negative feedback from consumers tends to generate false positive responses by employees, like the one you posted, to boost sales….I HOPE im wrong…

    2. Buz says:

      There is a 206 page HTC Incredible manual that covers just about everything on your Verizon webpage. I saved it in My Documents on my computer. You could also print it if you wanted to have a hard copy.

    3. stickmann7 says:

      Hi Linda. . .You can go to any Verizon corporate store and get a free one on one with a tech guy, and as many as it takes for you to understand ur phone!!! I'm 61 and have used the resource a couple of times and believe me, it works. You will be thoroughly surprised what this little phone can do!!!
      If HTC wrote an owner's manual for this phone it would be the size of the NY City phone book. Use the internet, use the in store resource and all will be fine….Good Luck…..Bob

  9. Dan says:

    Got the phone on 5/2 and experienced my first glitch today while driving through the parking garage. It just mysteriously rebooted! I thought perhaps I was pressing down on some button or two as it sat between my legs (where I placed it when entering the garage) as I drove up several levels. Very odd! I’ll be keeping an eye on this as I’ve read some reports about this occurring persistently.

  10. josh says:

    All in all, I enjoy this phone. It is fast with a great deal of customization. The browsing experience could be better. Specifically, the open page in background does not work; whereas it worked well on the last model. I'd be very pleased if they'd fix it.

  11. sta says:

    the issue i am having with it is that after dialing a call the screen goes black. so im prevented from using automated services as well as hanging up the call un til the other line disconnects. ive had the phone for about 2 weeks now. everything else is great. i think its just a defect. im returning the phone tomorrow and will be expected to get a replacement. i will then update again. oh, and the battery does not last for an entire day.

    1. Yada says:

      the screen going black has to due with the gravity sensor…once you put it up to your ear it will go black then whenever you want to hang up just lower the phone and it will bring up the screen again and allow you to hang-up.

      1. Mike says:

        Hey I'm having the same problem. The phone seems to work fine in the light but if I receive or try to make a call laying in bed in the dark it's a mess. I keep shaking it but the screen keeps going black.

        1. Kyle says:

          I believe there is a light sensor on the phone. I do not have it in front of me so I cannot tell you exactly where it is but most likely your fingers are blocking the light somehow. That is why it might not show in the dark too. The moto droid and eris are the same and I have customers coming in all the time to complain thinking their phones are broken

    2. M.D. says:

      all you have to do is tilt the phone back and look at it and the sensor brings the screen back up. Sometimes the numeric keyboard does not appear by default but there is the keyboard button on the bottom left that will bring it back up

    3. CLG says:

      This is the exact thing that is happening to my phone. I accidentally dialed the wrong number and the screen went black and I wasn't able to hang up… Did you get a replacement phone? I've only had mine for about 2 weeks.

  12. I've had mine for a week.

    The good:

    The bad:
    Battery Life (I get about a waking day, seems a little less (but not much) than I got with the Moto Droid)
    Camera sticks out of the back more than I'd like (won't lie flat)
    Plastic around USB port is fragile (mine broke in less than a week, seeking warranty replacement)

    Some apps don't work the same way as they did on my Moto Droid (screebl uses 58% of my battery if I run it for a day compared to 3% on the Moto Droid)

    1. Andrew says:

      USB micro is quite robust you most likely don't really need a plastic piece covering it. I'd probably rip it off intentionally as it is more of an annoyance than anything else.

  13. Dave says:

    The phone is great !! No problems here just make sure you download the "task killer" so it will automatically shut down programs you are not using. The only down side is the battery life, I have to recharge it throughout the day it won't last eight hours without recharging.

    1. Johnny says:

      I noticed that too but one thing my co-workers told me to do is run the phone until it shuts itself off then completely charge it up again, I did this about 5 times and my battery life is doubled since when I first got the phone. That and I use app-killer all the time.

  14. Mike says:

    Wonderful phone but after one week the optical joy stick failed causing the 7 screens to bounce back and forth. Apps launched by themselves. Just passing a finger 1/4 inch over the optical JS would make the screen go crazy. Sent back for replacement.

  15. Jamie says:

    So far I love my phone, learning how to prolong the battery life (turning off GPS, 3G, etc when not in use). I am having problems with Facebook app (when trying to update profile pic, I get the force close error), as well as using Mobilo Wallpaper app – I can't view my downloaded wallpapers – again, get the force close error. Is anyone else having the issue of receiving both a tone alert as well as a vibrate alert for notifications/texts/emails, etc? I have everything turned on to make the noise and vibrate for calls, texts, emails, notifications (everything) but not getting the vibration to work. I may just be doing something wrong. I've taken the battery out and rebooted the phone several times but still can't do the above things. It's a great phone, even with the small issues I'm having.

  16. daddygriz says:

    Sweet phone, WHEN it WORKS!! I pre ordered the Incredible and have had nothing but problems with it since I activated it. As a former VZW employee I am knowledgeable about phones. The HTC wouldn't receive text messages, phone calls, and wouldn't place most calls. But when I turned on my Moto Droid I had new messages, even though it wasn't the active phone. I did the switch 3 times with the same results. Poor reception, glitches, rebooting, battery pulls. I thought I got away from those problems when I switched from a Blackberry to the Droid. Wait for software update before buying. Mine is going back since I renewed early.

  17. Greg says:

    I’ve had my Incredible for over a week now and Ive been running everything as far as I can to test this thing in all of my usage scenarios and trawling through the Internet to try to find negatives on this phone as my last phone was the original storm and I don’t want to get locked into antihero two year contract with a phone that is essentially crap that occasionally makes phone calls. So far the only things I’ve noticed in my searches and in my own experience are poor battery life and a couple of force closes with third party apps.

    I’ve been using a system monitoring app to keep track of my usage and battery consumption across several days and so far under normal use (lots of texting, email conversations, IM chats, Internet browsing, playing with various apps, etc) I average about 11 hours before I plug it in for a charge, it could go longer as it usually has 20% left, but that pretty much encompasses the length of time from when I leave the house to when I get ready to go to bed.

    It’s hard to tax this processor, I’ve only got it up to an 80% sustained usage once, never beyond that for more than a couple of seconds which means this thing looks like it will handle aging fairly well.

    I solved the camera sticking out problem with a plastic hard case, looks nice and everything is level on the back, also makes me feel better about it being in my pocket given the nexus one (which has a similar screen) and it’s issues with damaged displays when in a pocket.

    The wallpaper that you have loaded makes a huge difference on battery life, if it’s a bright paper with lots of color, due to how oled screens function, it will use more battery life than a darker wall paper. Also tweaking the brightness does wonders for battery life. I have a widget with three pre sets, if I’m indoors doing stuff with only me the brightness is as low as it can go, if I’m outside brightness is at the highest setting, if I’m trying to show the phone off indoors then the brightness is set to auto.

    Other than that, this phone has thoroughly impressed me especially given the capabilities it has and it’s ease of use. If you dont mind constantly tweaking your machine and you want an awesome phone, go with the incredible. –> translation: if your a person who is always optimizing, fiddling, tweaking, and playing with their computers and gadgets, this phone is a match made in heaven.

  18. cenwin says:

    First, I love this phone. HTC Sense really improves the Android experience. Much more responsive than my Moto Droid. I bought the hard case w/ belt clip – very nice.

    My biggest gripe is battery life, but might try fully draining, then charging to see if that improves it. I can make it through a day with moderate to low use.

    I have had a strange speaker sound occur a couple of times that sounds like static on a radio. Checked to see if the radio app was on somehow, but not so. The only way to get the sound to go away was to shut down and restart.

    The radio is mostly useless with the two headset I tried.

    I have noticed some questionable call quality at times, but only when I call friends w/ iPhone, so not sure who is at fault.

    The reception indicator is all over the place and it seems like reception might not be as good as the Droid. I don’t have a way to test the two side by side, so its just an observation.

  19. Harry says:

    Whenever someone sends me a mms with a picture attached, I get it as a "Slide Show" and not a "picture." This is annoying. I also can't download a picture from a message. Battery life sucks big time. I have to worry all day about when it is going to quit. It is 5:30 here in AZ and I have less than 20% and I have not done much to run down the battery. I have a task killer and shut down everything when I am finished with each task. The only solution is to take a charger with me or use the car charger. But even when I use the car charger, and it charges, it appears to run down very quickly (more than when I use the plug in the wall charger.) Could that be possible. Finding answers to simple questions is next to impossible. Finally, I can not cut and paste from many apps like I could with my BlackBerry Storm. I still love it! Just wish some problems would get fixed.

    1. VidJunky says:

      As for your mms issue try Handcent from the market. We had this same issue with slide show. Handcent is not perfect but you can copy pics from messages and view them as regular pics. If anyone else knows of a better program please post a response.

      1. Harry says:

        I finally figured it out. When the email is showing, if you (press) and ((hold)) the email information just above the "slide show" graphic. It shows an option to save the picture. It saves to the "download" folder. It is quite easy and a simple solution.

    2. Adrienne says:

      Does anyone know how to lengthen the duration of the incoming call notification? Mine rings twice then goes off. Really annoying as no sooner as you have picked it up to try and answer it, you miss the incoming call. I can't see how or where the change this setting?

    3. Appsmanster says:

      Turn off GPS function, Bluetooth, anything you don't need. In a message click above the slide showshow icon and choose the action you want to do. Including saving the picture. Anything text you want to copy hold your thumb down and you will have the option by the green dots to choose what you want to copy. And one more thing to keep in mind. Think back to the fist time you got your Blackberry. I am sure it too was a learning curve for all the little shortcuts…unless you were a genius. Take it slow, ask the right questions and all will become easier with time. I went from a Droid to this Incredible even they are slightly different.

  20. Ceelove says:

    I love all the functions of the phone-super fast processor, 8 mp camera, 6gb ram. The major downfall of the phone is the reception. The battery drains but that doesn't really bother me. I can buy an extended battery but that signal problem bugs the heck out of me. I've had just about every phone on Verizon and this is literally the only one that has poor reception in a major city like NY. I wish HTC or Verizon would acknowledge the problem and fix it.

  21. notsoincredible says:

    I've had mine for less than a week and am having issues left and right. My husband has the moto droid and loves it, sitting next to him he gets full service, all four bars, I get one. the plastic around the usb port has cracked when i tried to plug it in, it's very fragile. The battery life is horrible, it's always searching for signal, I've had to do the master re-boot twice already and it looks like I will have to do it again, since my gmail won't open and thats how i communicate instead of using texting. not happy probably returning it this week.

  22. fred says:

    Got mine on May 6th…..visual voicemail won't work. Verizon IT dept is working on the problem. Screen started jumping from window to window, two days ago. I can move it clear the right and it will move itself all the way to the left. Verizon claims this is not a known issue……it is known to me and the local Verizon rep who watched it happen in front of him. I really like the phone, especially when these two issues get resolved.

    1. Ashley says:

      mine would do that if it was too hot or if it was in my pocket too long. Mine would also click on things that I wasn't touching the thing I did to fix it was turned it off for a little while then turned it on and it worked but it has happened to me a couple of times.

  23. Joe says:

    Very fast. Only issues are:

    -Battery life (Due to the fast 1GHz processor I really can't complain)

    -Every so often resets itself (May get fixed via future Software Update)

    -Signal (Every so often I get a somewhat weak signal)

    Bottom line is that I can see all of these things I mentioned above getting fixed in a software update. I had the LG Dare prior to this phone, and it constantly randomly resetted itself and that issue stopped when I ran a software update. Software update may come out with some type of program to help preserve battery life or possibly change the speed of the processor (That would be cool). Only thing I don't really care for is the joystick.

  24. andrew says:

    my texts force close all the time. it deletes all my texts and wont let me send new ones until i do a battery pull. the screen will sometimes randomly jump around from homescreen to homescreen. although im not a big fan of the htc keyboard, i still love my incredible.

    1. mike says:

      I just had the same problem. The phone just suddenly deleted every text message I had. did you ever find a soloution and does it happen frequently?

  25. George says:

    I am about to upgrade my phone and looking either for Droid Moto vs. Droid Incredible.
    It appears that Incredible faster and lighter, has better camera, but Droid Moto has better battery life, better sygnal reception and a physical keyboard.

    Any recommendations will be appreciated

  26. eric says:

    I've been having problems wit incredible. Ill save ringtone to contacts and it sets it back to default ringtone after awhile . It don't save em. I hate it. What do I do

  27. Greg says:

    I managed to find one final major glitch that just appeared today with the incredible which was when the messaging app force closed and deleted all my messages prompting htc customer support to do a factory reset deleting all my data and apps causing me to spend the next three hours downloading and resetting all of my data. Htc stated that the message dump from a force close is a major issue and that they need to find out what caused it, little help that did.

    In the end though the message dump wasn’t a big deal it was the factory reset that caused most of my woes and that was avoidable. So it comes back to battery life being the major issue. Though with the extended battery that one company is offering that fits in the same space should solve most of those issues and htc’s more than double capacity bigger extended battery cover almost all qualms with this phone.

  28. Rob says:

    Battery life — terrible!! Even following all the advice from multiple forums (i.e., all unnecessary apps turned off, brightness turned down, GPS, W-Fi off, etc., full drain and recharge with phone off, etc.) once I unplug from charging, battery life can drop 10% in 1-2 MINUTES doing nothing!!! Will keep trying, but this is unacceptable.

    1. Alex says:

      As a person that had trouble with this on my first few phones many years ago, I was told that if a battery is not charged to the full capacity 8-10 hours of uninterrupted charge time the first time you charge it, it will never be able to charge the full battery extent although the phone will think it has completely charged. I would advise replacing the battery. This is an issue every rechargeable battery has.

  29. VidJunky says:

    My wife and I got the phones on release day. Mine has been OK, hers has suffered from the reboot and freeze up problem. We went to BB and they had not heard of the issue (I think this is a standard response). They did offer to replace the phone but they are out of stock, of course, and we will have to wait a week.
    The good:
    The market, and all of the free apps.
    Customizing most aspects of the phone.
    The camera and video.

    The bad:
    Signal strength
    battery life
    battery life
    And of course the issues my wife has been having.

  30. Harry says:

    The hard reset was required on my Incredible. I had to rebuild all of my apps (which was a pain.) I am beginning to figure out that I just can't use it a lot and expect it to go all day on the battery. I saw one extended battery offer on line…says +30%. Anyone know of a good extended battery? I still love it with all of the problems that I have had. I finally figured out how to save a slideshow picture (thanks to help from the Verizon store.)

  31. Matt Hack says:

    Great phone, but two gripes…I get Facebook notification emails but won't get the app notification until atleast a couple hours later, tried diff apps, they all have slow refresh rates. The other is the auto screen dimmer, it gets brighter in the dark and darker in sunlight, its supposed to be the other way around. Hopefully these will be covered in 2.2, but everything else about the phone makes my blackberry look like a commadore 64…good job HTC

  32. terri says:

    I got the phone on release date. loved it til today. internet slow and can’t go to market. ???? Called Verizon and HTC and got no help from either. had to reset and list all my apps. that sucks!. Had to reload pix & all info into contacts.
    2nd time had to restart. Want to like this phone but already missing my old flip phone. HELP!!!!!!

  33. Dan says:

    Fast, good camera, lots of Apps.
    Loud background noise to persons on the other end of the call and Weak reception in general. Old phone had much better reception and 1/10 the background noise.
    After 2 week of trying to work out the bugs had to return it. Verizon charged a $35 restocking fee. Kind of a slap in the face!

  34. jesus says:

    Had th ephone for a few days now and have the same problem like everyone else the battery..i charged it while the cell is on to 100% then checked the battery meter and it says full..now i turned it off and put the charger back on 30 seconds later and its charging again like its never been charged before? did this 3x in total 1 on and 2 more off,,supposedly thats a known issue an dit supposed to get you more life out of th ebattery..also tweaked seetings all day so lets see what thursday brings

  35. Ted says:

    I was having issues with almost a possessed phone you would hit the home screen and it would freak out like flip all the way to the right and then jump around screens all by itself ever since I downloaded a task killer its been perfect just to many apps running at once

  36. Ted says:

    Anybody having an issue where when they unplug there phone from a overnight charge there 3G mysteriously disapears from the icon bar and the sits in analog you have no network access I have to take the battery in and out and do a reboot and then the 3G comes back Verizon has no idea of course I can get a new one but what a pain starting from scratch again.

    1. Luke says:

      I have a similar problem – 3G goes away. It comes back by simply powering down and powering back up. I haven't identified what triggers the 3G demise yet – it seems to be random, but I'll watch to see if it does it when I unplug.

  37. Bad thumb? says:

    Overall I am impresssed with the Incredible. The battery is a little wimpy but I suppose that is normal with a phone that does so much. I have some issues with reception too. The most irritating thing that started happening is a problem answering incoming calls when the screen is locked. When I drag down nothing happens. The phone rings until voice mail picks up the call. Anyone else notice this?

    1. APPFITZ says:

      Myself and 2 other Droid Incredible owners are having the same issue with not being able to answert incoming calls. When we drag down, nothing happens. Totally frustrating!

  38. Eli says:

    I've had my Droid Incredible since May 12 2010 so far so good except when I try to update or enter a Birthday for a contact (People), after presing OK the day is off by one. I enter 13 it displays 12, but it doesn't happen all the time. Virizone support says turn off the phone take out the battery then place it back, turn on and try again. Sometimes it works n some no. The support dummy said she can give a replace since it work that time. I told her this doesn't fix the ploblem and hang up on her and I delt with the store support which so the issue and requested a replacement. That young lady should not be in support maybe stocking. Thank you store support.

  39. adam says:

    just wondering if anyone else noticed how long it takes to receive an email notification? my blackberry tour would alert me before my computer would. also cant figure out how to set my own custom sound for alerts? i can for incoming calls however.

    1. Greg says:

      Same here. Much slower than Blackberry Curve on email notification. I am on my third phone. 1st had horrible audio out of the box. 2nd had a mind of its own, and would not accept a swipe to answer when locked. Most calls went to voicemail. Third is better, but does not respond well to answering when locked. Nice toy, bad phone.

  40. Until today everything was great, me and my Droid were getting along wonderfully.I tried to share a picture from the web to my FB profile and now everytime I try and go back to facebook it says an error occurred (malformed son) or something like that. And it now says there is no content on facebook from my profile or news feed. I want to know how to fix this as it is one of my main uses of the phone.

  41. countrygrl says:

    i had the htc droid eris and it done the same thing, i went back to my razor v9 and finally i
    purchased the bb tour 9630 and i love it !!! If i was considering a touch screen or any kind of android phone i would diffently stay away from the htc's!!!! htc phones are all junk, even if you get a replacement
    it will do the same thing again. they gave me 5 replacements of the eris and each one of them was the same problem!!!

  42. steve says:

    After two days I’ve decided to give it one more day and if battery life doesn’t shape up I’m returning it. Battery is ridiculously lousy – I can either barely not use it for 8 hours before recharging or I can use it a moderate and have to recharge after about 5 or 6 hours. Various moderate and have to recharge after about 5 or 6 hours. Forums are rife with complaints about the battery – this guy sas it was the calendar app, that one says it was the Facebook app, another said doing something with Flickr helped – bottom line is that you can’t use the apps that caused you to buy the phone because they devour the power. There are other things I like and things that irk me about it, but I’d be happy with it and keep it if the battery life was respectable. I recommend staying away from this phone. I’ll have to eat the restocking fee and I’d better retain my $100 2-year new phone discount so I can get away from my crappy old Blackberry curve and get an iPhone or Nexus when they come to Verizon. And they’d better come soon, or I’ll have to make a move. This s very annoying.

    1. alex says:

      There are several apps that eat the battery including the screen resolution in combination with the 1ghz processor. If you have several email alerts, facebook alerts, weather alerts, program updates etc., these would deplete the battery. Unfortunately buying a nexus one is not going to be any better.

  43. patsy says:

    So far only one concern/issue that just presented itself… I am currently in seatac airport in Seattle, Wa USA and the current location on this incredible has me located in Paris France!! I uploaded/refreshed the current location in the navigation app with no luck. Might be a glitch in the airport frequencies? Last comment that is expected;

    battery life does vary depending on what is running in the background. however, I love this device. It’s streamlining where I live is awesome.

  44. righty300 says:

    Got the Incredible on Day one…switched from a BB Curve, which was great with txting and email, but sucked when it came to doing anything on the internet. Using the new Driod phone has a learning curve associated with it; it was my first touch screen unit. I took it on vacation with me just after getting it, so I read the manual on the plane (which doesn't explain a lot of things BTW). It worked great for the first 2 weeks, except for the horrendous battery life! I had to recharge the unit every 6 hours or so, and i wasn't even using a lot of the apps that others had been mentioning. Forget about seeing the screen in sunlight! Nor could I see the internal 8gb of memory when I hooked it up to my computer…(continued)

  45. righty300 says:

    Then the now famous "low memory issue" (see the bboards for the reports) popped up: the phone worked, but couldnt use txting or email (no known solutions). Verizon said they would ship me a new phone. So I did a factory reset….it fixed everything (so far) even though I had to reload all the apps. The phone actually worked better after that, I could see the internal 8gb of memory (finally) and battery life actually got better (I did a few battery saving tweaks as well). The HTC community bboards have a battery charging trick which extends battery life a good deal (now I'm up to a whole day of use before charging again).

  46. righty300 says:

    I also bought a 1500mAh (first as a spare but now my primary battery) and I also placed an order for the 1750mAh battery that's out there. Now I can say it's a SLICK machine! Makes my BB seem old fashion and inadequate. Everything works great, although my BB got slightly better reception (and voice dialing was better). Now I just have to make the decision to keep the new phone that's on its way, or stick it out with this one and see if the "low memory" thing pops back up again.

    I thought I was going to send it back, but now I'm not so sure….

  47. alex says:

    I found one of the reasons why my phone randomly reboots. It's SLACKER RADIO causing the probelm. when you try to skip toom any times or use the widget while doing somehitng else slacker will cause the reboot. I got so good at it now i can cause my own reboot by just truning on slacker and doing a few functions then try opening another window. Without slacker playing i get only one reboot perday or every two days. with slacker its almost guranteed evertime i run it. Tried reinstalling but same thing. aparently I am not the only one if you check the link below.

  48. JeffY says:

    Where to begin! I received my phone (Incredible) a few days early, on the Wed. before the official release. I fired it up and it worked great – for about a day! As someone else said, it indeed, seems to have a mind of its own! After charging it at night and unpluggung it, it takes about 1/2 hour for the phone to function – a very slooow boot up. And it won't always let me answer a call. And sometimes it makes call on its own. At times, it changes screens – shakes them back and forth. I found the setting that allows the screen to stay on while being charged – that allows the phone to work first thing in the morning for a little while. But while on the charger, the camera fires up and takes pictures of the counter top! It will also randomly remove icons from the home screen. And while trying to take pictures at a wedding (or almost anywhere else), it'll turn itself off and stop taking or saving pictures. When it works, it is truly a great amchine. The Verizon store techy said he had never seen one like mine. Luckily, it went bananas while he ws trying to "fix" it. They have a new one on order for me but with the backlog, who knows when it'll show up?!?!

  49. joe v says:

    My first smart phone and It’s kind of bitter sweet. As I read the posts I’m realizing I’ve run into most of the problems people are talking about. My biggest complaint apart from battery life is how the screen is glitchy about switching from vertical to horizontal and visa versa. I Really like this phone so I’m hoping these are issues they can fix.

  50. Mario says:

    Love it, fast, small, all kind of apps, good signal everywhere and did I say FAST.
    The only “minus” is the lack off accessories (charging station) I know is just a matter of time…but I can’t wait.
    Two of my buddies have one too, one of them is having problem with the phone not charging the battery (after two batteries, Verizon is sending him a new phone, but they are in back order) The other friend LOVES his too. The 1300 mA battery sucks, a 1750 mA is on its way…
    The camera lens sticking out was solved by the Body Glove case. I had a little issue with the alarm not going off, until I realized it was the Task Killer fault.
    I have been using smart phones for years and honestly speaking this is by far the BEST one yet.
    And to make you jealous, I only paid $99 + taxes.

  51. Daniel says:

    I have had my incredible for about a week now. Upgraded from a blackberry 8330. No reboot issues yet. Had facebook shut down on me while playing mafia wars probably because i was pressing buttons too fast. I have read much about the signal bar issue and the dbm meter in settings/about phone/network and the articles are correct. One droid bar is about equal to four blackberry bars. The dbm on my droid is lower than my blackberrry. However i am having serious issues with making calls or getting data transfer. Somewhere i found in my phone it says i have had a signal 49% of the on or use time. Places that i was able to call from my bb i am unable to call from or i get a bad enough signal i cant talk. I had one event where i could hear the other party clearly but they couldnt hear me. Tried again then called another mobile and same problem. Battery pull #1 and it started working. I too am suffering from battery anhiliation. This phone can suck a battery dry in no time. What it needs is a much much larger battery and a battery cover that will fit it and be even and smooth with the camera lense. Fix these issues and for me its a great phone! I just typed this on my droid and have half a battery left.

  52. Katie says:

    I have had my Droid Incredible for about 3 weeks now. I LOVE this phone. Today I woke up and I couldn't make any outgoing calls. All I got was a fast busy signal. So I tried my boyfriend's Incredible (which is on the same account) and it worked just fine. I tried to call my phone from his and it went straight to voicemail. I also realized I couldn't text or recieve texts. Besides that, everything worked. I took it into Verizon and they tried everything with it. Yes, our bill was up-to-date. So, they ended up ordering me a new one, which I won't recieve until June 8th. They have deemed my phone defective. I have to re-activate my old phone until I recieve my new one. A little annoying, but nothing earth shattering.

    Other than this hardware problem (and it would re-boot on me sometimes without reason), I LOVE this phone and can't wait for a new one to come in!

  53. Todd says:

    I am having the same difficulty as one of the users above: I cannot download pics sent to me by others through pic messaging. Has anyone figured this out?

    1. righty300 says:

      Double click to open the photo, then touch the opened photo anywhere. Three icon will open at the bottom of the phone. Choose the one on the far right (it looks like a HTC phone). A "save"enu will appear…check the picture to be saved and touch "Done". It should be saved to your phone now.

  54. Dan says:

    My droid incredible, has been amazing! But all of a sudden, it just kept shutting off. So i tried taking out the battery and putting it back in. So i got it to work for a little but it shut off again. Than after that, now it turns on, but doesnt load up, than shuts off. Than sometimes it doesnt turn on at all.

  55. Stacey says:

    The battery sucks and sometimes i get a strange sound like static in the speaker. i love the phone but i have also experieced a delay when flipping the phone when i text.

  56. abc111 says:

    Im having a little bit of trouble with battery life, but there is a sollution. Go to the android market and download task manager. It closes any apps that you arent using. It saved me a good 3 hours of battery life, and im serious. Be careful which task manager you choose, because some dont work. Another problem I had was with the camera. It force closes after I take a pic. Im not sure if its just mine thats doing it, but anyway im happy to have the best phone in america

  57. abc111 says:

    By the way all you people talking about the terrible battery life need to listen. Turn off gps and wifi if you are not using it. Use task manager. I agree that the battery life is bad, but these ways saved me an extra 3 hours of usage time

  58. Greg says:

    I cannot be the only person that cannot answer a phone call when the phone is locked. As I said in an earlier post, third phone. I can swipe down until I am blue in the face, and the phone will not answer. I goes to voice mail. Anyone have the problem or figure out how to fix it?

  59. IJY says:

    Got mine on 4/28, 1 day early. Learning to control battery, but other than that, I LOVE THIS PHONE. Been waiting for a very long time for Verizon to get the best smartphone, hoping for the IPhone, since I have the ITouch, which I love, but now that I have the Incredible & could not be happier. Learning more about it every day and continue to be impressed.

  60. I love my HTC Droid Incredible phone except receiving email that requires a HTML viewer, it is my understanding there are none available. I purchased the phone to receive by email from my website order notifications, but when I receive an email it says "To view the message, please us an HTML compatible email viewer". I called Verizon tech support and they said it was not there problem and to contact HTC.


  61. Amber says:

    For the most part I am very pleased with the phone. I have 2 concerns/problems:
    -the battery doesn't last more than 8 or 10 hours (and i am using a task killer)
    -I have always used funtonia to download ringtones. I receive the text, open it, save it and cannot find it or figure out how to save it as a ringtone.

  62. charlie says:

    Great phone,I love it, would of waited for the incredible but they don't let u know what's coming out.
    The battery life is bad and seems to have less signal than my Casio Gzone. My recent problems are, it jumps around all over and even to different applications, like I'm touching buttons. It also keeps putting numbers in place of letters when I'm textin.

  63. Unhappy says:

    Do not order on-line. I ordered 2 smart phones and they do not have a clue when I will get them. Even though their website said one would ship last Wednesday but has not yet. I have talked to 6 reps and get different answers every time. It is such a shame that the reps do not have a clue as to what happens to orders placed online and are unable to check status on orders in Verizon's own warehouses. It's as if the orders disappears once they are placed. Such a big company but so messed up. Another big company that is all about the money and not the customer!

    1. Alex says:

      Part of the problem there is that the phone is so popular the orders have been severely backlogged. They have estimated it will take 3.5 weeks for my order to come in and I didn't order online. That is almost an entire month.

  64. brandon says:

    This phone is great. The internet is amazing and so is the phone all around. Now for the people who complain, I mean come on every phone has there problems, just because this phone is brand new doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. It’s just a cell phone lol. And for people who complain about the Incredible doing things by itself, well somebody could’ve hacked your phone. This is highly possible to happen now with these phone are basically mini laptops, they get viruses just like a computer would. Also read an article on Malware it will blow your mind and probably make you not want to have an Android, iPhone, or Smartphone ever again.

  65. Dennis Collins says:

    My last 3 phones have been Blackberry devices. I was very happy with them, but wanted more, wanted to see what the androids were about. I did a lot of research and decided to get the Incredible. I have had it for about 4 weeks, and am still learning about it. It is very fast, has the ability to do so much more than any phone I've ever had. I have had no issues (problems) with it and feel it is every bit as good as the Blackberry with the email functions. The camera is as good as any handheld digital you can buy. Overall, the phone is the best I've ever seen.

  66. Nick says:

    For battery troubles:

    I purchased those 2 batteries and the charger from ebay and they work perfectly. The batteries are advertised at 1500 mAh but they get pretty much the same as the HTC one that coes with your Incredible. for $15, its definitely worth it, as I don't have to worry about my battery life anymore because it's so simple to carry fully charged spare one around with me,

    Also, please try what is commonly referred to as "bump charging". Basically, what this is, is you have your phone on, charging. When the green light comes on, notifying you that it's finished, unplug your phone from the charger and turn it off. Replug your phone to the charger, leaving it off, and the orange light will be on for 20-60 minutes. Once it turns green, take your phone (still off) off the charger, then plug it back in once more. It ay go straight to green or might stay on orange for a few minutes. After this 3rd time of showing the green light, however, your battery will be fully charged. Instead of it draining from 100% to 90% in 10 minutes, it'll take a couple hours of light to moderate use.

  67. Greg says:

    I have had my HTC Incredible for about a month. So far this phone is awesome. One glitch that I have ran into and I think it is my own fault is that I lost all of my text messages. SMS and MMS messages. I did a hard restart and it did OK.. Then I downloaded "missed call notification" app. and just lost all messages again. So I uninstalled app. now I will try again before I call Verizon. Other than that I would highly recommend this phone. I have converted several movies to iTouch format and the picture quality on the Incredible is breathtaking..Please reply if you have had this issue and let me know what you did to resolve this issue….

  68. Eddie says:

    Currently waiting for my Incredible to arrive, but for those who have issue with battery:

    1 – HTC announced they're be releasing a more powerful replacement in July. Wait and see for now.

    2 – Practice 'conditioning' of the battery. Charge it fully using ONLY the provided wall charger and let the battery completely die for the first 5 or 6 charging cycles. Letting the 'battery die' means the phone shuts off due to low battery. There is still enough power in the battery to not affect it negatively. DO NOT charge the phone with the phone on as it teaches the battery to not hold power (its using new power coming in immediately, trains it to not 'store' the power). DO NOT leave the phone on charger longer than it needs during these initial charges (thus, don't leave it on the charger all night). And finally, try to keep the battery cool as much as possible (don't leave it in a hot car, for example). After the first 5-7 cycles, try to run the battery down and fully charge once a month or so to refresh the voltage meter. Other than that, use it and charge it as desired. When you get the low battery indicator, shut the phone off and charge it up again.

  69. Peter says:

    know im not the regular user but i have had a bunch of issues with the phone, what i dont understand is why have a bad phone coupled with a bad computer why not seperate phone and computer the phone is a more mobile device i.e. taking pics and accepting the more important emails but why not have a netbook or notebook that does the other stuff and the two things communicate automatically, I really feel that I have a crappy phone connected to a crappy computer, and im not happy with either one. peter

  70. Heather says:

    I've had the phone a little over a week, and I really want to like it. It's so promising! However, I am dismayed by the list of issues I have had with the phone in such a short time. Battery life is not great, but that was no surprise. The current issue that I am dealing with is a MEMORY ERROR! I have a 16 GB card on board, and the phone shows plenty of available memory internally. However, I have two memory errors that won't clear from the task bar. The error is preventing me from using the text or mail applications. Though I know memory is not actually low, I have deleted texts with picture attachments, large emails, etc. to see about clearing the errors and restoring functionality to text and email. No dice! I have now been on hold with HTC about an hour…. A little research online shows that this memory issue is quite common and unidentified; a solution requires a hard reset. There goes all the customization work I did! Even after the wipe, the problem persists for others. I am anxious to see how HTC handles my request for assistance. Their ownership of this obvious issue will be very telling for me….

    1. you have that annoying message as well? haha 🙂 i know a very simple way to deal with this 🙂 take out you mini-SD. there problem solved. your SD is usually near full, yes? well mine was/is. you dont have to do a factory reset. thats just bullpoop. you dont need to delete texts messages… unless your conversations are above 4,000 like mine usually are xD if this doesnt work, email me. aznboi0013@gmail.com :D:D glad to help.
      Courtesy of a 14 year old freshman 😀

  71. It seems that at certain times when I send a text, the messaging app goes crazy and force closes and deletes all of my messages. It is really annoying. Then for about five minutes afterwards I can't send texts, it just keeps on force closing. Anyone else have this problem? Other than that, great phone! Camera is awesome!

  72. Mike says:

    Weak reception issues in a major city – that Verizon won't acknowledge. I get pics as "slideshows" too. Probably going to return it though I love everything else that works right. If Verizon would just publicly acknowledge the issues that are all over the web and pledge to fix them, I'd stick with it.

  73. jgoitom says:

    i love this phone but i tweet alot so using peep in very inportant to i have had the phone for about a week and alot of the apps are forced close or the phone crashes. i try every thing now my on screen widget for peep don't even up date now. i am thinking of retuning it.

  74. Michael M. says:

    I’ve had the phone for about a month and a half. Great phone.

    The battery lasts for about 2 and a half days for me. I’ll check e-mail, play Sudoku, and make about two hours of speaker-phone calls a day. I don’t know if it’s that I just have less stuff running than most people, or that I made sure I conditioned the battery when I first got the phone. For the first 5 charges I made sure to charge it all the way (uninterrupted) then I made sure to discharge it all the way (I kept using the phone until it dropped dead). Since then I just wait until the battery gets down to 5 or 8%.

    Only two annoyances so far: The internet browser seems to decide to start on it’s own two or three times a day. This has even prevented me from picking up a call as the phone was locked and I had to unlock it, back out of the browser, then go to the phone app.

    The other annoyance is occasionally weak voice clarity. It doesn’t always happen, but there are times where it is difficult to hear the caller clearly, or for them to hear me, despite normal or raised speaking levels. This used to be particularly bad with Verizon to AT&T calls, but with the Incredible it’s Verizon to Verizon, so not sure what the deal is.

    Overall the phone has been great.

  75. Sandra Anderson says:

    I like the droid except for the fact that mine randomly deletes text messages. Verizon said they are not aware of the problem and HTC says it is Googles fault. Is anyone else having this problem/

    1. Courtney says:

      I have the Moto Droid and the other day it deleted all my text messages! not good at all seeing as i needed some of them and now they are gone! big problem

  76. jason says:

    getting hang time after a month with text messges…internet is faster then my iphone and switching between apps is faster then my iphone. Are we allowed to say Iphone here…IPHONE IPHONE… still love the one button set up with iphone as I never seem to use the trackball with my incredible Some problems with syncing and loading large music folders of 5 gigs to my 32 gig card and some problem with name calling. Every now and then my phone blurts out " jason, you jerk" or maybe that's someone else in the house…

  77. mike says:

    I/ had the incredible for about 3 weeks and I love the phone. The only problem Ive had is the phone just erased every text message I had. this sucks since I had a lot of info I cant replace saved in text messages. I tried calling verizon and they said Im the only person that has had this problem and said they cant help me. Then they told me to have a nice day and said goodby.

  78. Lisa says:

    I live in North Carolina – one of the many NC reboot victims.

    I got my first one on the 29th when it was first released. Within a week, I couldn't use any features, not even make a phone call, without it going into a reboot cycle. By the time I was able to get it replaced a month later, due to backorders, the reboots were so bad that eventually it wouldn't even turn on. They did a software sweep, battery check, etc. Gave me loads of advice on what to do. Each time, I'd remove the battery and all that, and 85% of the time, it wouldn't even fully turn on before it went into a reboot death cycle.

    I've read articles about this happening persistently in NC, due to the cell towers, supposedly. That's slightly depressing, being that this is myself and many other people's dream phone.

    I've had my new one for a month now, and it hasn't rebooted once. But then again, I haven't used anywhere near the amount of features that I'd like to, out of fear…

    Other than my current phone crash phobia, it's a fantastic phone. I love every single thing about it, except that silly battery life. Although, that'll be fixed soon since I'll be ordering a slightly bigger battery.

    I'd recommend this phone to everyone, honestly. Just be cautious if you live in NC

  79. Mark says:

    I have had the phone for about 2 months. It reboots on me up to 10 times a day…..and that is only what I notice. It could be sitting on my desk and all of a sudden I hear the vibration and I look and sure enough the white screen is there and it is rebooting. Tried all of the "solutions" and nothing works….there is clearly a defect in the phone. Currently waiting for a replacement that I had to spend hours on the phone with verizon to get them to send……..arggggggggggg.

  80. Tmagster says:

    My speaker went south on Monday. A good friends son works for Verizon, and he said that he was told that it's a software issue. I'm not sure, but he wouldn't lie to me, known him for all his life. Don't know if a hard reset will fix it, but may try. I had 3, yes, 3 Eris's, and had the same problem. I don't play it LOUD, or abuse it, so it may be a software problem. Otherwise, it's a great phone! Love it… No problems, apart from the speaker sounding like a kazoo…

  81. Ty says:

    I love the phone its super fast. however lately if I listen to a podcast or music as soon as I get a notification it shuts down the apps. then I have to restart the app again. its frustrating and have tried different apps. VZW is no help they say its not the phone.

  82. cammy says:


    Fast internet surfing
    Does a lot of neat things, etc.


    BATTERY LIFE. If i used it continuously, it'll be dead in two hours.

    Can't see screen in the sun light.

    My texts are laggy. I'm not sure if this is a 'me' problem or the phone. It takes a LONG time to load when switching from person to person in text messages.

    Key board isn't that great.

    Sometimes jumps around when you hit it just right.

    It's a great phone, but the battery and laggy texts are almost a deal breaker.

    1. Sam Yi says:

      hmmmm… do you texts conversations go over 500? cause thats when it starts to lag. and… plz just turn off 3G or wifi if youre not using it. thats what waste the most battery.
      Courtesy of a 14 year old Freshman 😀

  83. j. dill says:

    I've had my phone for 3 weeks and I'm sending it back. The screen goes dead for no reason, then it comes back on, then it goes dead again, back and forth, all while trying to make a call. I had a terrible emergency call I needed to make about a week ago. It was bright sunlight outside which didn't help, but every time I tried to make the call, the screen went dead, then it came back on, and whenever I tried to enter the phone number, the screen would go dead again. I tried calling from the contacts list and the phone dialed the wrong number. I gave up and used my wife's very simple cell phone. The screen going black on me at the most inopportune times is my biggest gripe. Syncing with Google has been a problem too. It syncs some of my contacts while not syncing others. The manual that came with the phone is a joke. The support is minimal from Verison because they are always so busy at the Verison store. The back of the phone comes off whenever I try to "force" it into the optional cradle for use in GPS mode. The cradle finally broke. The fit is terrible.

    The main issue though remains the screen. What good is a phone if you don't have a screen to look at, or if the screen just shuts off while attempting to perform a function? One final thing: I've noticed a few other comments about programs "auto" launching. Mine does this too. I'm about ready to give up on the phone and wait for the Motorola Extreme.

    1. righty300 says:

      Did you know that there are sensors located near the earphone speaker, around by the Verizon symbol. Whenever you move anything near those sensors, only during a phone call, the screen will go blank.

      The bright and sunny day issue cannot be solved. Its just really hard to see anythig on a sunny day.

      1. sam yi says:

        Did you see any of the trailers??? the phone screen will automatically go black whenver it is close to your ear. that way, you wont accidentally dial another number while calling someone. to make it go away, MOVE. IT. AWAY. FROM. YOUR. EAR.
        Courtesy of a 14 year old freshman 😀

  84. Sonya says:

    I have had my Droid Incredible since the first day that they came out and I am now experiencing dropped calls, static during phone conversations, and this morning it wouldn't even come on after being plugged up all night charging. I had to remove the battery to make it come on and then when it did, it was slow. I love the phone, the look, the features, but I am now wanting to either see if they can fix my phone, exchange my phone, or something. I can't continue to drop my phone calls on people. It happens EVERYDAY!!!!!

  85. Jen Choi says:

    I got mine about a month ago. I could accept a phone call right after I activated the phone, but I coulnd't hear anything. I took to the Verizon store, and they reset everything. It worked. But then it reboots several times a day and it get turn off whenever I listen to music or use navigator. Sometimes it get heat up and consume battery even though I am not using it. I downloaded task killer to make sure I am running mutiple application at a time, but it didn't help at all. The problem got worse over time. Verizon sent me a certified replacement, but it has the same problem. I charge the phone over night, but the phone get heated up. I unplugged the charger in the morning, but it's still hot and it stays that way for hours consuming battery.

    It is a awesome phone if it works. However, I kept getting defected phones. I need to return the replacement phone I just got. There is no guarantee that my next replacement phone won't have any problem.

  86. Philly Reporter Girl says:

    Really big problems with reception. I am so disappointed…the other features of this phone work great. But considering it is, after all, a PHONE, I expected to be able to use it to talk to people. Too often, I can't hear them with the volume turned all the way up.

  87. Hendreo says:

    Alright got my Incredible the first day it came out. Went to the local Verizon store and they had them and since purchasing I have had no major issues except of course for the battery life. So for two months no problem and then I wake up one day after having the phone on the charger to find my phone was off. I turned it back on and a prompt box came up saying that I was using the wrong charger adapter, which I was not because I was using the one that came with the phone. I tried all my other chargers (car and blackberry) and it resulted in the same problem. I thought it was the battery so Verizon sent me out a new one the next day. Plug it in and same thing with the prompt saying wrong charger adapter. Went to the store did a hard reset and same thing. Found a forum post saying that it was the Incredibles' charger port that something was loose in their causing the problem. So now I sit and wait for my new Incredible to come.

    -Verizon says that it will be at my house in a day or two even though they are sold out on their website (Is this true that they keep replacements on hand for defective phones in their warehouse???)
    -And has anyone else had this problem???

  88. Got mine the first of July. Loved it until the battery started draining faster and faster each day. Got the task killer and seems to help some. Email worked good…now can not send at all. Reception is poor most of the time in NC. Phone pad very sensitive….makes calls by it's self. Screen goes black. Voice to text barely works. When I hold it I often turn the ringer off by mistake. Hard to take a picture with the track ball.
    It's fast, very fast……….but far from satsified.

  89. chelsea says:

    i just got mines maybe a month or two ago and im on my 2nd one, the first one my ear peice was rattling and now a week later the 2nd one, it was freezing and i couldnt answer or use my phone at all! it kept shutting off. i took out the batttery several times in hope it would work , but it didnt, now my phone is totally shut off, will not turn on, it will not charge. waste of money! i needed a phone that worked, i have a busy schedule and a calender that i need to organize in my phone, this is the 2nd time i lost all my important information!. i will be switching to at&t!

  90. DDuyan says:

    I have the HTC Incredible and if I could exchange it for something else that doesn't have issues, I would. I do like the phone but it continually goes crazy one me. It has called people without prompt from me, it takes over my screen, scrolling it all the way to the furthest page on the right and won't let me get to the page I want to get to. Many times when I'm trying to look at a message, it scrolls to voicemail and won't let me see my text messages or emails. If I'm typing a message it will lock me out of the keyboard and type all by itself, usually the letters just randomly light up. I took it to VW and they said they had never heard of this or seen it before. They believed it was a virus and they had to wipe out my phone to fix it. Well, after they did that and I started working on re-linking my contacts, the problem started again before I downloaded any apps whatsoever. It was just past the 30 day mark so I'm stuck with a phone and VW who only want to wipe out all of my info. Are there any fixes for this? BTW, I only download apps from the market, I've never gotten anything from anywhere else.

  91. Nancy says:

    I got my phone the day Incredible was released. Amazing phone. However, I miss having the text alert notification separate from email notification alert….need separate volumes.

  92. Walt Davis says:

    I have a problem with the Droid Incredible , while I like the phone there are two things that erk me, one is that the phone unmounts from the SD card on it's own with out my knowing , the other is , and to me this is a big one, I have Google Voice and when I get a call from that number and go to answer it , it disconects .

    How can I fix this???!!!

  93. Mark says:

    Worked great for two hours after initial charge. I connected the charger again, and . . . nada. Neither car charger nor house charger would charge the phone. I called Verizon tech support and they were very nice, saying they'd ship another as soon as they were available (they said August 5). August 10 and still no phone. Thank goodness I still had my old Saga. After reading other web chronicles of the feeble charge port, I'm going to try to return this one and forget the whole thing.

  94. 1) i know a lot of you have mentioned the battery life problem. i thought it sucked as well. then i figured out a way. you guys have said someting about a task killer? i downloaded one, it didnt make much of a difference. the major things the battery gets drained from are: Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, and 3G. i am sure, that if you have WiFi at home/work/cafe/whatever, you dont need for your 3G to be turned on. what a waste of battery, hmmm? You dont really need BlueTooth.. it doesnt make THAT much of a difference, only when discovery mode is turned on. ehhh GPS… i dont see why it has to be turned on. i use the most enhanced form of the GPS though. **Here is a tip. if you have space on your home screen, or any page, set these 4 widgets: Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile Network, and Wifi. all can be found under the settings tabs in the widgets tab. it may get annoying, but turn whatever youre not using off. greatly improve battery life. mine stays at 2 days, max. i use the internet, facebook, high brightness, the works. trust me :DDDD
    2) The signal. you guys really hate that right? trust me, at 1 bar, it upholds pretty good quality. at 2 bars, its perfect. the one thing that bothers me is the 3G and 1X continuity. *sigh* ah oh well, you cant really do anything about that.
    3) the optical joystick? lets put it this way, if you swipe your finger to the left, the screen will go left. to the right? it goes to the right. there, problem solved.
    4) what i really hate about this phone? the random turning off/on. thats the one thing i dont know what to do. if you know, contact me at aznboi0013(gmail).
    5) i know a lot of people have that annoying "phone storage low" icon on the notifications bar. no, you should not do a factory reset. no you dont need it to be rooted. all you have to do, relates to your SD card. what i do is this: 1. i turn off my phone 2. i take out my SD card 3. i turn on my phone. PROBLEM. SOLVED.
    Courtesy of a 14 year old freshman :D:D:D:D

  95. David says:

    I got this phone about three days ago. I finally switched from at&t to Verizon in hope of the iPhone coming out next year. I had the iPhone 3gs and loved it from the first day I got it. My contract expired so I figured I’d get on my families Verizon plan. I looked around to find a phone comparable in size and specs to the new iPhone which led me to the incredible. I played around with it in the store and figured this should hold me for a whilr. Needless to say I have it now. The first day was rough because it’s more a bit clumsy to use compared to my iphone. When scrolling down a webpage or my phone book I find mysf accidentally selecting items on the screen which causes me to have to close that item and go back to the top of whatever page I was on to scroll back down to where I wanted it. Battery life is awful but did improve when I downloaded app killer. The phone restart itself at least 3 to 5 times a day now. Call quality sucks because it registers with either 1 or no signal bars and constantly drops my 3g connection. On the bright side it is a quick phone and the camera is amazing. But so far it’s been more trouble than what it’s worth. I’be even considered getting my iPhone cut back on but I’m trying to give it an honest try. But when Verizon get’s the iPhone this one’s gone.

  96. Tony says:

    Great phone but has some issues as everyone has noticed. Call quality is questionable; my LG Dare had far better reception and worked very well with my Bluetooth device, whereas my Incredible struggles with a clean connection between it and my Bluetooth. Signal strength is weaker than I suspected it to be and shows 1-3 bars off and on, bordering on 1-2 as a norm. Reboot has happened only 3 times since I received the phone so I can’t really complain about that. I have experienced a few freezes when on You Tube but I do not utilize the phone for that, so no big deal. Battery life is ridiculous unless you do what others have done, and turn off most features “What’s the point” but you deal with this too.

  97. Mary says:

    Had the phone less than 3 days when the earpiece failed – altogether. Could only answer calls by way of speakerphone. When I brought it back to Verizon they said that this way a software problem that they were aware of. I returned it and had my old LG phone reinstated. Still looking for a good phone!

  98. Brad says:

    I got my first Droid Incredible when first came out a couple months ago, Initially it worked great and I thought it was the best phone yet ( I have owned many, dating back to the original palms). Unfortunately the phone started rebooting itself over and over again. I talked to the folks at Verizon and they left me with the impression that this was an unheard of problem. They sent me out a new phone and my luck was no better. I was then instructed to remove all market place program and add them back one at a time to see if any were causing the problem. My phone didn't wait for the first new program before rebooting started again. I erased everything a bought a new SD card and tried again. No luck. I next recieved a new battery which did nothing to help the problem. It got so bad that I could not get through two or three calls without a reboot happening. It was suggested that I go back to my old Motorola Droid, which I have and have had NO PROBLEMS since even with all the Market place applications. I have since recieved yet another Droid Incredible which now sits unopened in my desk. I am now waiting for the Droid X. HTC Droid Incredible was a expensive headache!

  99. Ronstera says:

    I have had the Incredible about three weeks. Never realized what I was missing…no question goes unanswered now…instant information. Anyway, two odd things happened today. 1) the letters typed in the search window were backwards (Typing NHL was entered as lhn) and 2) I tried to make a phone call and the screens scrolled to the left and when I tried to power down the highlighted item scrolled to the bottom and would not let me select "power off." had to pull the battery out to power down. Thinking this may be due to open source apps.

  100. Natalya says:

    I got my phone on 4/29!! I love everything about it!! Ever since the 2.2 update (which was suppose to make the phone faster), my phone takes forever to charge, apps freeze. TXT messaging takes forever to load. Not sure what good the update do…please look into fixes

  101. bill says:

    I am having the same issues as Albert. After the update, apps cannot be controlled. Skype for example opens all the time on its own, and the program cannot be removed. Battery is getting murderer. Help!!!! Wish i didn’t update but hindsight is 20/20…..

  102. moo says:

    help. i love my droid but i am soooo frustrated. about a 1/4 of the photos i take are corrupted. when i try to load my camera to my computer so i can copy the pictures, the camera constantly freezes. it is the most frustrating experience. what do i need to do??? thanks!

  103. posttal says:

    Bought the phone 3-4 months ago..turned into a brick the other day.I placed a call with no problems,then went to place another and the touch screen was not responding..hit the power button to turn it off and it didn't respond.I pulled the battery and rebooted to a black screen.Pulled the battery again and got my main screen but it was still not responding to touch.I held the power button down to turn it off and it said powering off for the 20 minutes it took me to drive to Verizon.Once there they had no clue as to the problem so they did a master reset wiping all my info,files,pictures and games.Still nothing.As we speak i'm waiting for a new phone to come in the mail.Up to then I was fairly happy with it..althought since the 2.2 update my contacts have changed on there own adding facebook contacts..and my ringtones chages a few times on there own..some even switched to vibrate,I guy at the Verizon store said the 2.2 update had some issues and that verizon was going to be pushing another update to fix it shortly.P.S.Battery lifes also sucks.

  104. Kym says:

    I took the new upgrade that came through last week 9/5ish, and ever since then my POP3 email sync is not working right. I just randomly removes emails it delivered before I can even read them, which also makes them not deliver to my regular email. Once I read an email I go back into the in box and they are gone completely. This did not happen prior to the upgrade so I don't think it is a setting that I have done wrong. I have tried changing all of my settings and nothing seems to work, I had to turn off receiving email on my phone.

  105. lucy says:

    I like the phone, but it refuses to re-position, now it begins to freeze in texting and calls – I have had it 4 months. The barcode scanner doesn't work and the location and maps have begun to freeze when using.

  106. Shelby says:

    I loved the phone when I first got it about a month ago, but now its been having a few problems. its been having to force close several applications that ive been having no problem using before, and it keeps telling me that my phone storage is running out and therefore I cannot easily access text messages or other things. So I checked the phone storage and id used only a teeny fraction of the space on the phone. nevertheless, i went through and deleted all messages and unnecessary applications.. still the problem persists. today I couldn't receive any texts messages. I could send them fine, but not receive them at all. This is a major problem! I restarted the phone and nothings helped so far. Occasionally the messages from hours and hours will force themselves through but that is in no way convenient or satisfactory. I also find myself running out of battery constantly. I cannot go through the day without having to charge it. If I want to continue using my phone in the late afternoon I have to use it while connected to the charger otherwise it will die. If any one else has these problems or may know a way to fix them, please let me know!!

  107. Marc says:

    Slide down stopped working and can't answer the phone. As a business phone, this is killing me. Was sent a refurb (like new they say), it is also defective, non-stop rebooting. I'm thinking of going back to the Iphone, at least it was consistent and worked well. The sound quality of the Incredible is less than mediocre.

  108. ron says:

    rear (external) speaker blew on mine. crackly and tinny sounding, had it since July 2010. otherwise, great phone! im calling Verizon for a replacement.

  109. Patrick says:

    Should be called the "Not-So-Incredible"…. the battery sucks, even the $70 extended battery — needs to be plugged into a charger all day long — twice this phone has randomly deleted all of my text messages, even though I had changed the default settings — the voice dialing in my car is awful — downloaded a new voice dialing app for $5 that lets me speak into the phone and dial, which only works 50% of the time…. the graphics and video are great, but the phone part is super clumsy, as if the people who designed it never actually attempted to use it in the real world — I wish I could get my money back, but I'm stuck with it now….I am not recommending it to any of my friends

  110. Liz says:

    Was a fan even though the pictures were always slow and the phone would randomly turn off but now it just erased all of my texts and voicemails therefore I am no longer a fan!

  111. Kortney says:

    I loved my phone, and still do for the most part. But as of recently it no longer turns off on its own, I have to manually turn it off. It doesn't always prompt me for my security code. The screens will bounce back and forth on its own, and when I'm in my text messages screen, it will slowly highlight message my message all the way up to the first message. Very annoying when your having a conversation back and forth.

  112. christopher smith says:

    phone started rebooting the other day and wont stop now also lost all phone numbers when pulled the battery out did reset and still reboots

  113. OTP says:

    I have had the phone for a couple of months, and really dislike it. Can't hear it ring if in my briefcase or purse even with volume fairly high. Separately, it seems to have turned off ringing completely a couple of times, and when I checked ringer volume, it was off. I don't know if it is a series of keystrokes, but half the time I miss calls completely. I have also had problems with keyboard not changing when phone is changed from vertical to horizontal position. I hate the thing and I am going back to my old phone. Waste of $400………

  114. sparkler411 says:

    I got my HTC Incredible last week after reading the positive reviews for this phone. It works great and is super fast. I love the GPS in particular. I have loaded a lot of apps and the phone handles multiple apps very well.
    I have an issue with the You Tube/playing videos. 9/10 times I play videos, it doesnt stream properly and gives a message "Sorry, this video cannot be played. There was a problem while playing". It kind of bugs me as I like to play videos in my phone. I tried installing updates too, but it has still not resolved. Kindly let me know if any of you have faced this issue. Thanks!

    1. bryan t says:

      Seen it when signal strength is low. Maybe hold one foot in the air while turning around with a sheet of foil held over your head. Turn. Repeat. Presto.

  115. Mike says:

    Have had mine for several months and oerall like it. However, on two occasions it has frozen and when rebooted has lost all of my personal settings as well as all of my contact info. The verizon people were able to get the info back but most recently I was in Canada when this happened. Terribly inconvenient. Wish me luck I'm trying for a new one today.

  116. Phone would not delete a voice mail and a text. With Black Berry when that happens removing battery resets. Tried removing battery and reinserting battery, Whamo! every picture, video, contact everything was wiped out.
    So I'm looking for the answer. This can't be the way this is designed. The battery is a weakness. I thought maybe buy a second battery. Not if the phone deletes everything.
    What is the solution?

  117. Nette says:

    I have had my Incredible for a month. I recently started experiencing major over heating. I also had my phone reset after I had pressed the power button to make the screen visible and everything was completely erased and now I can't even make phone calls out or texts. I had someone try and call me, but it would just go straight to my voicemail.

  118. bryan t says:

    I love the incredible and all it can do.. use it more than the laptop. However, I am waiting on a third replacement due to the poor quality of the external speaker (blowout). The 1 year warranty starts from the purchase date. Verizon says replacements get 90 days warranty. Original warranty of 1 year does not start over with each phone. They will let me exchange if I pay full retail for whatever other phone.. of course. I've had Verizon for about 3 months. Let's see how many replacements I go through in the next 9 months. If I'm lucky enough to blow the speaker every month, in 24 incredibles, I can upgrade.

  119. FINZ54 says:


  120. Jen says:

    I have had mine for 6 months..the day it came out.
    Though I love the phone when it is working it is plaqued with problems.
    Frequent resets……..poor reception, battery eating……..and recently the screen goes green and freezes with lines so that it is unusable
    I dread going to verizon because I know they will try to give me a refurbished phone claiming they dont know if it is refurbished or not because this is what verizon does.
    I will now have to go another year and a half with a bum phone.
    Not impressed.
    Just wanted something that I liked AND worked for more than 6 months

  121. samxran says:

    Great phone, I LOVE ITTTT!!!! My friend gave it to me for free!! But… I have been having a problem with the camera though…it loads up but does not save any pictures or preview after taking them. The track ball works but doesn't seem to work when i try to hold to take a picture. I do not have insurance on the phone…Any suggestions? Anyone have the same problem?

  122. Redd1978 says:

    My mother has this Phone and is not liking it. Due to the fact it is a dead paperwieght by noon when she never even touches it and just turns off when ever it wants to. Please help me solve my mother's problem so she can enjoy her new phone.

  123. Gary says:

    i have had 4 in the last 2 months not one has worked right. two of the them stopped working with in 24 hours of receiving. first one the on button stops working,(lasted the longest). second one was turning on and off constently (with in 1 hour of reciving). Third one on button again, The Forth one worked for 6 hours then turned off and never would come back on. Verizon had no comment other than they would gladly replace it again or i could get the droid 2 in place of it .. ………………………I own my on business and have lost a lot of business do to this HTC Droid Incredible. in my mind it is Junk…………………………………

  124. alicia says:

    I like the phone and have had mine I guess 6 months. In these 6 months twice I have lost all information and had to reinstall all apps. It reboots itself at least several times a month for no reason at all. Not sure i'm going to keep it

  125. Alan says:

    i have a problem sometimes when im texting or using the google traslator or just writing in the web or wherever . just i cant write , the keyboard don't respond . so plz help me . what could i do ?

  126. neil says:

    I’ve had this phone for two months…let me say if you own a mac buy an iphone this phone is not compatible with osx! This is a HUGE problem being i only own mac computers! Secondly, my phone will randomly play songs throughout the day and when i search my aps there isnt one running that has the song in it! I also found that virtually every app i have downloaded does not work or freezes within minutes! To put it bluntly, this phone would make a better baseball then it would a phone! What a piece of crap!

  127. Angie says:

    I have liked the HTC Incredible Droid, so far. However, after the last software update it removed my customized rings. I have reset them but they still do not work. The phone rings with the default (regular) ring now. So, when my husband or mom call, there is no more customized ring sound. I don't know why the ring tones are set but are no longer working. If anyone has any idea of why this is and how to fix it, please email at angela (at) n8tnt (dot) com. THanks!

  128. neil says:

    Just to let everyone know i bitched and told verizon that i was going to stop paying them all together and go to at&t and get an iphone they gave me a droid x for fifty bucks plus trade for the “incredible” if my new x turns out to be a piece of s@#t also i will stop paying and go to at&t and get an iphone i have many friends who own the new version and they have NO PROBLEMS!!! Can you imagine?

  129. John Dresden says:

    I've had mine a few weeks now and I have a "you have a new voice mail" alert on the front that will not go away and the screen seems to be turning yellow for some reason. Phone is ok and I have a lot to learn about getting some of the aps running.

  130. Bambi Christensen says:

    I have had this phone for a week now and Im taking it back and Im gonna stick with my blackberry. The Incredible changes my set ringtones by itself, reboots, and I feel Im connected to the charger all day, even when I stop apps and widgets. I have changed settings so it wouldnt eat up the battery but it dont really work. The video camera is sweet thou. As are alot of the apps but I dont really want to commit to a phone that isnt everything that I expected. All in all I wouldnt recommend it! Too many issues I think!

  131. a customer says:

    wish you could press the optical mouse to answer & hang up calls. the touch screen freezes often, making me not be able to answer a call. if I accidentally dial a wrong number, can't hang up because the screen is frozen., can't turn the phone off because you have to use the touch screen to do that too. only way to stop it is to take out the battery. I actually swapped phones to a new incredible after fighting it for one month. Thought it must be a "lemon". but alas, new one has the same issue. (oh, and re-calibrating the screen does not help)
    screen won't stay locked when I'm on a phone call, so my cheek can hang up on people. Once I accidentally conferenced a random other person from my contacts into the call.
    also phone reception is very poor compared to my old cheapo "free" verizon cell phone. drops calls often.
    other than problems using it as a phone, the Incredible is wonderful. – too bad it's supposed to be a "phone".

  132. Jack says:

    My self currently bought a HTC incredible Smartphone from Verizon and when I use it without Bluetooth I feel something terrible on the side of the ear and head including my eyes turns to headache – cause radiation. Even the manufacture cliams less radiation on this not sure what is really happening with this phone. My wife also felt the same when she used this HTC incredible phone. But myself or my wife don't have any issues with her Motorola DroidX. That means something wrong with this HTC incredible never felt before with any phone we used. So now a days either I talk through the bluetooh or speaker phones. This is a major problem I have faced with HTC incredible. Otherthan this the phone is good but, ofcourse this is a very bad thing

  133. ashellina says:

    Omg i cant stand that i cant upload videos to facebook, youtube message or email them. You can on the palm why not droid devices? Picture messages are horrible. Battery is worthless. To sum it all up "droid does not!" Getting my palm back!

  134. kevin says:

    I have had the Incredible for a few months and I wish i could say it is "incredible" but I can't. Certainly has all the potential to be a great phone but I cannot get past the folowwing issue. I have had three incidents where the phone will just keep rebooting after being off then turned back on. Removing the battery fixed it until today. Brought it to Verizon and they immediately said it needed to be replaced…..except they did not have any in the store so i will get one Fed-X. Really sucks when this is your business phone! As a note I have done a little reasearch and have found other people with this problem and in most cases they had just used the navigation app. i too used the navigation app last night and my phone has not booted since I turned it off.

  135. diana says:

    The phone is great if you don't use it to talk on. I have had it for 2 weeks and it keeps dropping calls. Usually does it 3 times if I talk longer than 20 minutes. I am not happy with this phone.

  136. daniel zielinski says:

    This phone disappoints me. I was told to buy a droid so i picked the fastest one. But, it resets itself whenever it wants. Today it did a reboot and all my saved information was lost, incuding g mail, contacts, pictures, etc. not happy. returning tomorrow

  137. Rick says:

    Guess I am joining the long list of people with mystery boot issues. Can’t pin down the cause but it is getting pretty annoying. In this day and age you should my need to pull the battery a couple of times a day to keep the system running. Maybe in Windows 3 but not now! Obtw Verizon lost 135 irreplaceable pictures when they did a factory reset without warning me.

  138. chris says:

    I have has this phone for about a month and haven’t had any problems but my internet is all of a sudden starting to freeze up and it won’t reload or let me do anything. Does anyone know what is wrong with it?

  139. Jethro says:

    The Incredible will not sync to G calender. I have tried about a hundred different settings and nothing works. It is n infuriating problem as I just purchased the incredible and the calendar was one of the main reasons why… Somebody needs to be fired over this… complete and total failure not to mention not a single fix or comment in dozens of forums on the part of Verizon or the HTC people… no official acknowledgement of the problem what so ever… I'm about to throw my phone through the next available Verizon window…

  140. Jethro says:

    I'm pissed at this phone right now… i've read a lot of forums and it seems that their are gigantic programming holes in the software… calendar messes up doesn't sync, programs delete themselves… weird space is full message when space is not full… glitches and computer sync problems. message delete issues… the new update seemed to brick this phone… i'm going to throw it at the next Verizon kiosk i see if they don't send n update fix in the next 4 hours…

  141. Brittany says:

    My Droid incredible will often not receive text messages, People will be with me, texting me to see if it will receive them, and it doesn't. i never do receive them, but when i re start my phone, sometimes it will work, but i still won't receive the texts previously sent.

  142. tannah says:

    loved the phone at first, now i hate it. it turns off and on all the time on its own, in the middle of phone call, text anything and it gets worse when i plug it in. it will turn off and on all night. its very annoying. i took my phone back to verizion and they replaced it. And it STILL does it. i tried buying a new battery STILL does it. i will not be getting another HTC device. this is just one major problem besides some other small stuff i had issues with but Oh well.

    i just hope verizon gets the IPHONE hopefully it works better than the droid.

  143. barb says:

    ive had the phone since oct and its been giving alot of problems. when it gets hot the phone reboots itself over and over.im not able to use the phone until it cools down.

  144. Mary says:

    I got this phone August 2010. I love how the internet works! Super fast. Faster than my internet at home. Camera takes good quality pictures. What I dont like is that, i had to reset the phone to factory setting for 5x already. Because off it show memory low. I took it to verizon store every time that happens & they always reset my phone. When the memory gets low, i wont get my emails anymore. So everything had to be deleted & start all over again. I got 16gb micro sd. And it still does it. Soo annoying. Im thinking og going back to blackberry! But what stopping me is the navigation on this phone. Better than iPhone. Iphone’s navigation doesnt talk. You have to read the directions. On this phone, it works like a regular navigation you install in ur car! Thats the only thing that makes me not wanna change into blackberry bold or an Iphone.

  145. Ryan Pregent says:

    I accidentally dropped my phone off of my desk at school and the unlock button stopped working, and now today my battery died and now every time i try connecting it up to the charger, i only get the droid incredible white screen for a second then it turns back off. I tried pressing the unlock and center button pulling up the reboot menu but i get the same problem it turns off before i can do anything to change it. PLEASE HELP:(

  146. Dozersmom says:

    I had my droid incredible for almost 8 mths. I like the fone, but it is also jumping from screen to screen and then it will turn off, on, off, on…..hearing "droid" all those times does get on ones nerves…anyone know
    what can be done?? I have to take the battery out for a few minutes and then hope it does its inital startup and stay up…….HELP!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, i did take it to the local verizon store, the guy did the same thing, mashed some buttons, and told me that all my fone contacts would have to be replaced…..what gives????????????????

  147. Buggy says:

    At first (until the FroYo update) it was a truly great phone. There are still many features I really like (especially navigation and being able to view flash in web pages). The random freezes and reboots are killing me, though. I've hard reset my Incredible twice and I've only reloaded the barebones essential apps, but the random bugs persist (especially my keyboard sometimes acting possesed when texting and the random reboots right in the middle of doing something). Apple may well be overly proprietary and controlling, but at least my original iPhone and iPhone 3G were never buggy like this. I went with the Incredible as a viable iPhone alternative and to escape AT&T, but now that Verizon has the iPhone, I've already pre-ordered another one. I don't mind tweaking and fiddling with computers, but I really need my phone to be more reliable than what I've experienced with the Incredible and Android. Your mileage may vary…

  148. Tferguson says:

    Great phone when it works. The resetting is definietely a problem! I can't even use google maps without the thing diving into a reset loop that I can only get out of by removing the battery. I can even feel the phone get hot when it does this. There is clearly a hardware defect with this phone that causes it to overheat and reset. Maybe it's poorly written software that is causing it to get stuck into some loop that overheats it, but either way verizon's failure to address this issue is extremely upsetting. My friend who is a lawyer has the same phone with the same issues. We are both currently looking at filing a class action lawsuit to bring light to this issue.

  149. Terel says:

    I love this phone, I got it a month go. Starting today i've been having problems with the network and I am unable to send text messages, How do i fix it?

  150. matt says:

    Mine sucks here are the problems,can’t call sometimes with full service,reboots alot,poor signal, battery sucks,screen glitches out and there’s more but I recently switched to a Droid x ,well worth it recommended!

  151. Taylor says:

    I've had the phone for a while now and had 3 "like-new" replacements. I've had the same problem with all of them – glitching. My theory is, if I'm in a car accident and I can't call 911 due to the phone glitching so much I can't hit any buttons, then that's a big issue! I do not recommend this phone for anyone, even with the cool features. It's not worth the trouble, AT ALL.

    1. James Hancock says:

      You need to upgrade your micro sd card.It only comes with two gigs. It is just like buying filf for your camera. They make sure you will spend 40 bucks on a 16mb microsd card. I t won’t say low nothing after that $40 neccesity you got to have as much ram in it as it allows. The Batterylife on a single charge lasts me all day. Remember to keep blutooth,wireless, and programs that constantly run in the background cut back to only whats neccesarry. instead of appkillers pay 5 bucks for a good Battery monitor. This will show you ecxactly where the most power is being used from and ways to get rid of theses unneccessery background battery eating apps you don’t ever use butYou will blame the increadible everytime. With the newer apps out there that cost you 2 or 3 bucks are the ones you want and keep in mind the ones that are free constantly run adds. This will send your battery staight to red in one hour. So get an 8 to 16 gb micro sd card for your incredible for the not enough memeory. do not use an App killer, they fool you into thinking your saving when in fact most do more harm. Pay for a good battery monitor which is automatic and will give you an instant 2 hours extra a day. blutooth destroys your battery so keep blootooth of unless your using it. MOST IMPORTAT baterry saving advice I can give you is to turn your display down to bellow medium. And have the display cut of quick as when not in use.good luck


  152. marisa says:

    Every time someone calls me, my video that I installed won't play. A message pops up and says it can't be played at this time. I also get no sound on incoming calls, so I end up missing all of them. All my sound profiles are set to normal, I even changed out the video to a regular ring tone and still no sound. Any suggestions??

  153. judy says:

    I had my Droid for a year now and I'm waiting for my fifth refurbished phone to be delivered. when I had my new phone it worked great for 8 months, then it started rebooting and I would lose all my information. I was sent a refurbished phone and it did the same thing, I returned that one then they sent me another one and that one kept turning on and off by it self. They sent me a new battery thinking that might be the problem, that worked o.k. until I went on my G mail account to upload contacts then it started to go on and off again by itself. The verizon Tech thinks it might be might be my G mail account, and I was told to start a new one on my fifth phone when it arrives. The Techs on the phone are very helpful and really try to solve the problem, they offered me a new phone of equal value, which my phone is only worth 100 dollars now since it is a year old.I'm going to try the Droid one more time then I give up.

  154. my droid incredible that ared had connect to cricket the 3G wont work it hand on the left side keeps gone up and the ringtone when the 3G is gone so its sucks cause i can go to the internet or use anything market or internet pandora or youtube and the weather.

  155. Jacob says:

    I have had my htc incredible for about 8 months now. I love this phone when it works. But lately i have wanted to toss the thing so many times. When you are trying to surf the net and it has a bad signal it reboots. Took me ahwile to figure out why but thats the problem with these phones. Also to all the people losing battery life quickly..what i do is goto wireless and networks and turn off my mobile network. If you dont need ur network all day this helps ALOT. But i am getting tired of the reboots. Now i cant even get on the market to download anything at all. Very frustating

  156. Jolie says:

    Does anyone have an issue sending video messages. I can't seem to find any help! When trying to send a video to someone by text I get an error message saying file is too large to attach. The video can be 30 sec and it still gives me that error. What is the point of having the ability to record videos if you can't share them with anyone!!!! If I would've known this I def would not have gotten this phone. I have a six month old and would like to send videos to family out of state 🙁 Verizon customer service said to set the video quality to its lowest setting and you can only have the video last 10 sec…..how dumb. I thought this was supposed to be an advanced phone. My old phone could send videos just fine. Any one have any other ideas!!!

  157. L. Katona says:

    Since I purchased the phone 12/10 I have had problems un-locking the screen when a call comes in. I am going back to my Blackberry this phone Sucks!

  158. sonia says:

    im having problems with my texts i cant or recieve text on moble to mobilr or any other company as well as the reboots i have when calling i also get really bad receptionany where.

  159. Heath says:

    had mine for almost a year now, hate the damn thing it will randomly open applications and half the time the touch screen wont work . i baby my phone so its not an abuse issue and i know its not a user error thing sence i can turn it on sit it on the table and watch it open applications, make calls or tell me that it cant find results with out even touching it. verizon is absolutly no help when youve had the same servive for over 15 years and they wont even offer any kind of help it tends to piss a guy off, i would switch to att but im in the middle of my contract but thats another story. last words phone sucks dont buy it

  160. Guest says:

    Wife got me this phone for Xmas, so I could use it in my law practice. A complete POS. Never had decent reception (wife's blackberry shows full reception, I get 1X and no bars), treats non-Google email with contempt, and lately, it has randomly gone dead for hours at a time. I mean stone dead, as if it overheated and later cooled.

    This is a toy for dilletantes, and dealing with Verizon is like dealing with the government. And to think I left ATT (and I was happy with ATT) for Verizon. I considered divorcing her over this (okay, for this and a lot of other poor decisions).

  161. Nestor says:

    I recently cracked the screen on my incredible, everything was working fine even with the crack. But when I bought a new screen for it, replaced it, and turned it on, the screen was ALL white with colored lines on the left. When the buttons are pressed (on the bottom), they vibrate and the screen twitches but stays white. So it works but has absolutely no picture. Can anyone help me???

  162. Travis says:

    My daughter has one, we ordered it when they first came out, the speaker didnt work. After trading it in for a new one she now has memory problems, the phone wont allow her to send or receive message because it says the memory is too low. She has deleted every picture and song, done the factory reset and removed the battery several times (All at the suggestion of our local Verizon store). Still has the memory problem. We went to the verizon store yesterday and they said it's an known problem and they are working on a software update that should be out in a week or two. Personally I think they are full of crap.

    1. Laura says:

      I have the same memory problem. Went in today, and they said they could get me a new one which is impossible since Verizon no longer carries the Incredible. It was discontinued. So I am now stuck with permanent low memory, over-heating, super low battery life, and crappy reception.

      1. Sarab2610 says:

        Just because they discontinue a phone doesn’t mean Verizon still doesn’t have any to replace yours and if they don’t they will either replace with the incredible 2 or something comparible like the droid x

  163. Sick&Tired_in_IL says:

    I've owned my HTC Droid Incredible for nearly a year now. It worked pretty well for the first 7 months but then began this seemingly random series of re-booting. This would continue until I physicallly pulled the battery and did a hard reset of the device. Now the phone is "force closing" about 2/3s of all my apps. Downloaded and ran anti-virus and anti-malware software, which provided some minor relief but I'm still having issues with this phone. I will definitely switch over to an iphone after my contract is up….. unless the phone goes belly up first. I honestly can NOT recommend this phone to anyone. After surfing the web, it appears that these problems are not that unusual.

  164. Ashley says:

    I never really had a problem with my Incredible until today.
    Today I shut it off in the morning so the battery wouldn't die then a couple hours later I turned it on to find that everything personalized was gone; my background, everything on my screens was gone, my texts were gone, and when I would slide it across screens the bottom thing (the phone and arrow upto menu) would smudge so I turned it off again and turned it back on and all my stuff was still gone but the bottom thing wasn't smudged. So I redid everything and it was kind of lagging when I would do something and then the keyboard wouldn't work so I turned it off and on again and now it is working.. Hopefully it continues to work and nothing else happens because I really like the incredible.

  165. CBennett says:

    I have had the phone since January and it worked great in the beginning. In the last 2 months, the screen seems to lock up and to fix the problem I have to turn the display off and then back on to answer a call, respond to a text message, etc. I also have a specific sound set when I click the screen. Nearly every time I use it the first or second screen click does not make a sound and suddenly the sound occurs when clicking the screen. It also locks up and I have to reboot by removing the battery. Have had it at my local store a few times and they can't find anything.

  166. Derek says:

    This is by far the worst phone i have ever had. I dropped my first one about a foot onto the gravel and it completley shut of. This was the only time it had been dropped or anything of that nature. I only had it about a three weeks up to that point.
    Then when I recieved my "certified new" one it was working okay then today out of no where i started going haywire and scrolling though everything and opening up suff i didnt want it to. all on its own, This phone seriously reallllly sucks and i will never buy another HTC in my life. Not to mention i pay 120 a month for this POS.

  167. Randy says:

    I have had my HTC Incredible for about 4 months and found it to be very good and dependable. However, in the last 3 weeks three problems have arisen: 1) It will not sync with my car bluetooth radio even though my son's phone (same as mine) syncs fine. 2). the audio has become garbled making it difficult to understand what is being said and 3). Frequently, when a call comes in I cannot swipe to answer the call. I have had other people try it as well and it does not "swipe" for them either. I plan to ask verizon to repair or replace the phone because when it works properly it has great qualities. By the way, I installed a long life battery (a bit larger than the original) which solved the low battery issues.

  168. Gm says:

    Guess I’ll join the long list of re-boot issues. I’m on my third replacement phone in less than a year from Verizon and have tried everything. This thing just spontaneously reboots when you’re running high processor loads. I.e., when running navigation and playing Sirius XM, it rebooted 7 times in an hour….crazy. Now I’m looking for a different alternative.

  169. My screen was unresponsive, and them it just kept saying android.system and having the force close button so I force closed it. and turned my phone off because i wouldnt stop. and not when it come on itgoes normail until it says “droid” and it restarts, its been doing this for at least thirty minutes!

  170. My screen was unresponsive, and them it just kept saying android.system and having the force close button so I force closed it. and turned my phone off because i wouldnt stop. and not when it come on itgoes normail until it says “droid” and it restarts, its been doing this for at least thirty minutes!

  171. I’ve had mine for about 6-8 months now. This is the worst phone i’ve ever owned! I constantly get low space messages. When I look at my free space I have about 85-90% free available space left on it and nothing I do will get it to go away. I’ve even tried deleting a bunch of apps and texts. Before I started getting the low space message and still to this day, my phone randomly deletes my e-mails and texts messages on it’s own with no notification. This is very frustrating because it will even delete messages that I have locked, which aren’t supposed to be able to be deleted. Some of these messages were even texts that I wanted to keep to use in court! Very unhappy as you could probably imagine. Another thing it just started doing last night is, when I was trying to text a message instead of typing the key I was hitting it instead tried to delete my text thread. I shut it down and rebooted it and it was still doing it. Also sometimes if you try to open one text message it will open a completely different one that isn’t even near it. It does the same thing when you try to call people sometimes…I will hit one name and it calls someone else that’s name isn’t even close to the one I hit. In all I am very pissed with verizon and this POS that I actually had to pay for! I will be going to verizon today to do some serious bitching about these issues and I will probably end up dishing out even more money and going back to the Iphone! I honestly don’t see why the Droid Incredible is so popular and always on back order…I recommend not buying it

  172. I’ve had mine for about 6-8 months now. This is the worst phone i’ve ever owned! I constantly get low space messages. When I look at my free space I have about 85-90% free available space left on it and nothing I do will get it to go away. I’ve even tried deleting a bunch of apps and texts. Before I started getting the low space message and still to this day, my phone randomly deletes my e-mails and texts messages on it’s own with no notification. This is very frustrating because it will even delete messages that I have locked, which aren’t supposed to be able to be deleted. Some of these messages were even texts that I wanted to keep to use in court! Very unhappy as you could probably imagine. Another thing it just started doing last night is, when I was trying to text a message instead of typing the key I was hitting it instead tried to delete my text thread. I shut it down and rebooted it and it was still doing it. Also sometimes if you try to open one text message it will open a completely different one that isn’t even near it. It does the same thing when you try to call people sometimes…I will hit one name and it calls someone else that’s name isn’t even close to the one I hit. In all I am very pissed with verizon and this POS that I actually had to pay for! I will be going to verizon today to do some serious bitching about these issues and I will probably end up dishing out even more money and going back to the Iphone! I honestly don’t see why the Droid Incredible is so popular and always on back order…I recommend not buying it

  173. Anonymous says:

    had this phone for a month and i noticed that when the phone is in sleep mode and it wont ring, considering its in sleep mode after a minute of not being used i’m not getting any calls making it pretty useless, anyone that rings is going straight to voicemail. I’ve checked the settings and gone through everything but it just isn’t rringing when in sleep. i’ve switched off call forwarding but to no avail, i’ve checked the ring tones, turned off wi-fi, turned off vibration, checked the volume, everything basically.
    pretty fed up to be honest.
    the phone is brilliant for everything it can do but not particularly a a smart phone if it won’t ring.

  174. Anonymous says:

    had this phone for a month and i noticed that when the phone is in sleep mode and it wont ring, considering its in sleep mode after a minute of not being used i’m not getting any calls making it pretty useless, anyone that rings is going straight to voicemail. I’ve checked the settings and gone through everything but it just isn’t rringing when in sleep. i’ve switched off call forwarding but to no avail, i’ve checked the ring tones, turned off wi-fi, turned off vibration, checked the volume, everything basically.
    pretty fed up to be honest.
    the phone is brilliant for everything it can do but not particularly a a smart phone if it won’t ring.

  175. Anonymous says:

    I had the htc droid incredible for 6 months and i am having problems like when i text someone a picture a message comes up and says generic network failure i contacted verizon and my account was find i even call HTC and the guy could not help me. I like this phone but if this keeps happening i take it to verizon i will het a kneww phone

  176. Anonymous says:

    I had the htc droid incredible for 6 months and i am having problems like when i text someone a picture a message comes up and says generic network failure i contacted verizon and my account was find i even call HTC and the guy could not help me. I like this phone but if this keeps happening i take it to verizon i will het a kneww phone

  177. ive had this phone for about a month and a half. and i can already say one of the worst phones ive had – top 3 at least. i was excited as this was my first smart phone, but now im becoming more n more disappointed. One of the first things i noticed is when i go to click a message/contact and it would select something totally different and completely off from what i touched. a few times i txtd the wrong person because of it. another issue that happens alot is my phone calls alot of people without me realizing it… its very touch sensative i guess. then, alot of times when i text, it lags and freezes for a few seconds. gets aggravating. lately, ive been getting the message about low space or something when it says i have alot of free space available. of course, the battery life sucks i think everyone agrees. and i constantly have to close applications that open themselves up. overall, i would not recommend this phone.

  178. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had my HTC Droid Incredible for exactly a year now and it has been nothing but continuous frustration! I researched thoroughly before purchasing my smartphone. There are so many to choose from and I wanted to get the one that was right for me. Well, I’m currently on my 3rd phone for the year because it was necessary for Verizon to send me 2 replacement phones due to hardware problems with the phone. It freezes up, sends texts to random people no where near each other in my contact list, keep getting general failure messages, failure codes, download failure messages, friends trying to call & text but can’t reach me, etc. It’s as if I don’t have a phone. Absolutely regret buying this phone!!

  179. Anonymous says:

    I hade a Droid Incredible for seven months then it started spontaneously rebooting. turns out I was sold a refurbished phone. when I’d gotten a brand new phone, immediately I noticed problems. Problems like, error messages right after sending texts, the front screen swiping to the right all on its own, the ring tone starts off loud and fades away, missed calls not being displayed, my list goes on. I love this phone’s dimentions (the other phones look like braod scientific calculators, yuck), but the features and software need desparate tweaking.

  180. Anonymous says:

    I dropped my phone (cracked the LCD screen) last week and installed a replacement screen from ebay. The screen quality is far worse than the original which really sucks but my real issue is after it boots up. Once the phone boots up, everything functions but as soon as the phone goes to idle (or by pushing the power button to lock the screen) the screen goes black and doesn’t display anything and none of the buttons work. If anyone knows how to fix the screen quality and/or idle problem I would really appreciate it.

  181. Ive had my droid for a year and it keeps deleting all my texts messaegs when they arent over the limit! I have deleted pcitures and rigntones and apps ! But when i go to the market and it shows my apps that ive downloaded thier arent on my list of apps it is so confusing and no one knows y ugh

  182. J M says:

    HTC Incredible. Love the phone…when it works. Started with a brand new phone, texting issues, locking up and deleting all my texts & photos. Then got Verizon’s “certified like new” replacement. Let’s just say…4 phones later and still deleting all my texts, changes screens and/or makes selections for me faster than I can make a selection.

    As I type, phone 5 is on its way in the mail..do I still hope? Can’t get a different phone unless I pay more money for it. Even though I paid a pretty penny for a defective, I mean 4 defective, phones. I wish I had the first phone back, it had fewer issues than the “certified like new” replacements I have been getting.

  183. My droid incredible all of a sudden started giving me ” memory is almost full” messages. When I look at the storage of the phone it clearly shows i have TONS of memory left in all areas of the phones. I play the game though and have nearly deleted every app i ever downloaded from the market and it still says my phones memory is low. Now im not getting text messages. I can send them but im not able to receive any.

    1. The same thing happened to me after the last update, I called verizon support and all they told me was its a problem with the new update and I have to wait a couple weeks until they release a new update for it to work, Verizon sucks and were of no help to me, I even went into a verizon store and all they told me was to download a texting app but that didn’t do anything. So he suggested I buy a new phone, Are you serious verizon you guys can’t come out with a fix to this problem, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take 3 weeks to release a software update of the phone when it was working when you already have one available.

  184. madalyn wood says:

    I’ve had my phone for 2 months and the screen has a bunch of lines going down the right side of the screen…I went in and was told it was a pressure issue and the warranty will not take my phone back. I would have to use the insurance which is $90.00 more than I paid for the phone… I don’t carry my phone in my back pocket or anywhere in my purse.. It’s always in its side pocket of my purse.. I paid money for a good phone .. I wish I would of keep it… I hate that you pay for a new phone but when there is issue you get a refurbished phone…

  185. Deborah Sumner says:

    Hate the phone, is constantly malfunctioning. I have already had to replace it once and now I I have to go and replace it again because the software malfunctioned then crashed. Not a good investment.

  186. Deborah Sumner says:

    Hate the phone, is constantly malfunctioning. I have already had to replace it once and now I I have to go and replace it again because the software malfunctioned then crashed. Not a good investment.

    1. Eln29 says:

      I agree, I had 3 of them in the course of 10 months, it would shut on and off, couldn’t get on the internet, phone would automatically go back to the home page everytime I would go on.  I was sick of taking the battery out and putting it back in.  I told the Verizon customer service “this is an “Incredible” piece of crap!  They sent me an X2.  We’ll see…

      1. Hmm. Never had any problems with mine. I had it for over 2 years and it is THE best phone ever. Only problem I had was with the facebook ap and the phone memory and the problems associated with low memory. Deleted facebook and no problems since

  187. Zeppelinfun420 says:

    incredible not so incredible problem after problem sent mine in for repairs now i have this crappy loaner phone whith the same problems lol lol lol lol maybe i’ll make my own phone and call it ripuoff

  188. M C says:

    Pathetic phone, my first ever contract phone and only had it since may and on my 3rd replacement, First phone wouldn’t ring in sleep mode, second phone it was a struggle to receive incoming calls and theres no missed call reminder, so you have no idea someone has tried to contact you. third phone keypad went wrong.

  189. Blaine says:

    Won’t recieve text messages at all. I’ve done factory resets and changed settings all around and still won’t work. Just started doing this around the beginning of October. I can send messages fine but my friends having to call me after every text I send is getting old.

  190. I absolutely LOVED (notice the past tense) my phone in the beginning.  Now, I LOATH it.  I will send a txt to one person, BUT MY PHONE decides that it would rather send that txt to whomever IT chooses.  I have NO IDEA on how many calls I miss.  I have people griping at me ALL the time that I never answer my ph….  Well, guess my phone has ALSO decided TO WHOM AND WHEN I AM ALLOWED TO TALK.  I laughed my butt of yesterday, because one of my closest friends had a lil talk with my phone thru v-mail.  Speaking of, it will show and say that my v-mail is full, yet I show NO missed calls and there are 10 v-mails to go thru of dead silence.  Until I downloaded anti virus software, my phone apparently would get lonely thru the night and randomly call ppl in my contact list (yes, they LOVED those 2-4am wake up calls from my lonely ph).  Now this month I am over on my minutes, So I get to fork out the overage charges on calls never placed, or that were placed AND DISCONNECTED, but I guess my ph decided to stay connected.  I swear that little green Andriod guy REALLY does live in our HTC Droid Incredible’s, just wish I knew how to discipline the lil fellow, because he is costing me sooo much money and frustrations.  Oh & same problem with answering calls that ACTUALLY DO RING THRU (WOW, What a concept for a ph), he decides which calls I can answer and which calls he will force me to miss no matter how many times I slide bar down, or push on accept call.  I KNOW I am forgetting sooooo many other issues, but WOW, I just wish that someone would have given me a heads up that these phones come with the lil man inside and although it is your ph, he makes all the decisions etc.   

  191. WOW, almost forgot, also been dealing with Verizon on all of this.  They had me do a factory reset, yea, gee thanks.  Anyway, went to the actual store Nov 3 and they had the NERVE to tell me that my WARRANTY ran out Oct 31, so I would have to PAY for any probs or a diff ph.  Hmm, I thought that if something was under WARRANTY and they STILL HADN’T FIXED THE WARRANTIED PROBLEMS so you decide to go into the actual store to deal with a live person, they would actually help you, not tell you, gee sorry, your warranty is up now. Whoever said it, said it best Verizon IS like the Government….  They are SOOOO money hungry and could care less about those that got them from lil GTE to the Verizon they are today.  Wake up Verizon, with all the options out there, we don’t HAVE to stay with you and ALL our contracts will come to renew…  That is ALL I’m doing is biding my time till contract runs out or is close enough because I have another yr on mine and my daughters phone.  FYI to those out there looking at ALL OPTIONS…  Straight talk-thru walmart,  uses Verizon towers (I haven’t done much checking, but have a feeling if you go with straight talk that verizon is STILL getting your money, or at least a good chunk of it)

  192. Al says:

    the phone completely shuts off randomly and unexpectedly usually while using the internet, but now its when using any application for an extended period of time, from here the phone goes through the long and tedious restart phase, only to immediately shut back off when i get to the main screen. as you may imagine, the battery life is horrible

    then this week my hatred grew to a new level, now my phone has no internet access, no text message or calling capability, and it has somehow changed my mobile phone number/ wont allow me to call verizon. the rest of my familys phones are fine so i know its not a payment issue, i have no idea what to do to fix it, and it is the most obniouxous new problem with this phone

  193. Blakemichaellaw says:

    my phone was woking fine up until like the 4 month mark the charger cors started to break and now the charger port will not work at al, and when it does my batery wont charge any higher then 60 % which takes over 3 hrs of charging when its shut of!!!! and at the moment it wont turn on after charging for 45 mins. i totaly regret not getting an iphone

  194. P Mignogna says:

    My Incredible all of a sudden today will not let me use any of my apps. When I restart it I get messages that such and such app has stopped unexpectedly. One for every app that’s on my phone. 

  195. Krw1997 says:

    I got my Droid incredible in May, not a new one, but, the certified pre pre-owned. All of its great except the charging. I went through 3 charges & I hope its not the phone. When I charge my phone with an AC adapter (the one that can plug into the wall) & it can come out & use it for USB charging. But, when I first plug the charger into the wall, I go to settings & battery & it says Charging (AC), but then like 15 mins. later I go to check it again & it says Charging (USB) & it ALWAYS switches to that & charges my phone very slow. & my phone is still plugged into the wall. Not the computer & charging it from there. Can someone please how to fix this? It’s bugging me…

  196. 1slpers says:

     Started with a Droid Eris when they came out.  What a joke. Overheated and quit working in 2 months.  Went to the Incredible.  Was a great phone for 6 months, then once again, overheating and won’t hold a charge.  Now no incoming text messages.  My apps are uninstalling themselves.  Getting the “low storage” message, which apparently can only be fixed by doing the factory reset.  Keep getting “updates” which are useless.  I’m off to get a new phone today and you can bet it won’t be an HTC!

  197. 9thhispania says:

    Bought this Incredible mainly for the camera as I take a lot of pictures and videos of my children. Pictures are really good but I am losing around half of my video audio it is replaced by a horrible high pitched whine. Despite having very few apps and using advanced task killer I am having to constantly charge my battery. The phone switches itself off whenever it feels like and all this despite paying extra for help. I will never but an HTC product again and totally regret not buying and iphone instead.

  198. BrianS says:

    I got my HTC Incredible to use for Work, Corp email, Web & GPS – I dont text message.
    Perfect Size but too many problems
     * When I make calls the screen goes blank often and you cant end a misdial or press keys if you reach an automated system.
     * Dropped calls in areas that my free flip phones never had a problem 
     * When playing music & I receive a call, I have to decline the call because the music player, YouTube etc will randomly play during calls
     * Music plays in mono – No stereo, how pathetic
     * Phone speaker got so weak I can hardly hear on max volume (after 3 months)
     * Speaker phone blew after 4 months, used for 1 month after std speaker problems
     * A couple of times per day the phone will get very hot for no apparent reason
     * Battery life is horrible - about 1 hour if you use the internet or apps.
    I’ll never buy another HTP

  199. ash says:

    I only had my phone for about 2 months when things just stopped working.  NO apps, not even the Market.  The sound is sketchy, and sometimes I have to hang up, take it apart, and start over. 

  200. Meggybug19 says:

    Does anyone else have a problem with the phone not going into standby? A couple of times I put my phone in my pocket & I ended up calling my dentist’s office 10 times, would not stop. Another time, it put itself on mute and I missed a couple of important calls. It’s also deleted all of my text messages randomly, no matter how many or few messages I have. I really can’t wait to get another phone (when I can afford it) and it won’t be another Incredible, that’s for sure.

  201. Robyn says:

    NO joke I am on my 7th replacement phone(Droid Incredible),,,,,, I keep getting a low memory icon ath the top of my screen. I bring the phone to be looked at and they say I have plenty of space. While this icon pops up at the top of my phone it will not let me text message anyone nor can I recieve any. I am about to say see ya Verizon….
    Now the replacement phone that I have right now everytime I go out of a program like FB for example the phone reboots and HTC pops up everytime,,,,, URGH…. another issue I am having is I keep losing pictures and videos…. Amazing how much money we all pay a month for having the best service with a company but we are not guarnteed a great phone. Not only that the first time I went to get my replacement phone I had to pay $75.00 EVEN though I only had it for like 2 weeks and I had the insurance…..
    There answer is to do a factory reset.. NO way I am done doing that. You end up losing all your information that you have downloaded and other stuff that is important to you….. Urgh 

  202. Jeanettenichols says:

    My phone has no sound. The screen got damp this morning, but it was in a case and the back was dry. It does everything that it is supposed to, but there is no sound coming in,only going out. Also, it switches to “car mode” which I can disable but it resets itself again and I have to go into my settings AGAIN to disable it.

  203. UNHAPPY says:

    just got my droid incredible not even a week ago and its already messing up. it seems to be touch sensitive to the extreme it goes to voice command and also goes onto the net while trying to answer calls or text it even opens apps . every touch it vibrates and then goes nuts on me. so far all the droid phones are junk ive had the droid x and the incredible now both with major issues

  204. DONT DO IT says:

    my Droid Incredible was incredible…until 2 weeks after my warranty expired.  now…

    -the screen color scheme is off – fuzzy red
    -it wont hold a charge
    -it shuts off
    -it wont take any updates
    -and this morning it reprogrammed itself, so now i dont have any of my pics, music, numbers, settings, etc.


  205. Magner106 says:

    why my New HTC Droid Eris Android Touchscreen Black Verizon Smartphone keep loosing identification all day time , i activated my the same day i had it at 7:00 pm before 10:00 pm i can’t make , can’t txt , cnt receive txt ,cnt send txt i call the customer servicce to reactive it my fone againt it’s works normal and beford 2morrow it did the same again over and over i send it back to them again i wasnt receive it yet …dats gonna be my last try if it works dats fine do the samething or give me another one im done with it .

  206. Slayaw30 says:

    My phone drops calls…restarts after taking a couple pictures and its saying my phone memory space is low wen I’ve only used 200 out of 600 mb and even after I’ve deleted all my apps it still says its full and won’t let me send text messages this is my 3rd phone in a month….its horrible

  207. Melanie says:

    Where do I begin?  After first getting my Droid HTC “IMPOSSIBLE” in January 2011; it was awesome.  I could take pictures and share with family and friends on Facebook. Then I came across the memory full problem and learned that I needed to transfer memory to the SD card.  I cancelled a lot of apps that I didn’t use, and made sure that the Bluetooth was turned off.  Battery life was decent, a charge every night and I was good to go.  Around April 2011, when I would call my Voicemail, the screen would go black and I couldn’t type my password to retrieve my messages.  That was odd…
    June 2011, my phone starts turning off and trying to reboot after I would send a lot of pictures to Facebook.  So, I slowed down with sharing my pictures..  End of June 2011, I dropped my phone on my bathroom floor and the screen cracked.  Uh-oh!    Now I’m having issues and a cracked screen, the phone is void of warranty now that it is physically damaged. 
    October 2011, I go to Verizon to see what can be done… nothing without at least $299.  So I agreed to a factory re-set!  The phone kept re-booting and never started up, he handed me back my phone that was just raped and left for dead.  It took me several hours of removing battery and allowing phone to “rest” before it was up and running again.
    As I type this, my phone sits next to me on top of the desk…. dead.  I pulled the battery twice and now I’m allowing the phone to rest about 30 or so minutes.  The phone was working fine since yesterday afternoon, then I decided to charge it this morning…sometimes the battery heats up and turns off phone when it charges.  By the way, the charger is THE charger that came with the phone.  Sometimes I lose the phone for over 24 hours.  I cannot receive and exchange more than 5 or so text messages, cannot talk on the phone, cannot take pictures and send in messages… forget about Internet… this phone is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!    Our contract said we were able to get an upgrade, we are going to try out the Bionic, I am worried about that as well.  Cross my fingers that I have much better luck than the HTC Impossible. (we call it Impossible for its many defects).

      1. It’s not Facebook, it’s the phone. I’ve had one replacement phone, two factory resets since, and my phone still sporadically cannot connect to any data attributes, sticks upon updates and reboots–I get the white screen with the little Android guys on skateboards. It sometimes reboots and says SD card was removed, it loses my picture gallery ALL the time. The phone was AWESOME the first year, now it’s garbage–which has nothing to do with whether it has FB. When my contract is up, I’m jumping ship and going with the iPhone.

  208. Samanthac says:

    My HTC Incredible S. Good phone except for when I go to put a call on speaker then it just freezes and I have to wait llike 5 mins for it to unfreeze it wont even allow me to turn it off!
    Sometimes it is also very slow. I have always had good experinces with HTC’s except for this recent one. It’s not so incredible after all huh?

  209. Mejaicpa-2006 says:

    The phone storage shows that it’s full even though it’s not. It’s lost the info on the SD card more than once. The ringtone just changes on its own. Some apps just crash the phone. The battery life was horrible from day one. I bought a 2200 battery and it’s better but still not great. Pretty sure I’ll be getting an iPhone when I can upgrade. I’ve had it since December 2010. 

  210. None says:

    My phone goes into speaker all the time by itself won’t hold a charge and sometimes after lettin phone sit for hr or so the music doesn’t play I have to turn off the device to play the music

  211. Craig says:

    when I access my voice mail, my keyboard goes away before I can input my pin and it continues to go way each time I bring it backup and it doesn’t matter how I hold phone. Is there a fix?

  212. Elliott Robinson Iii says:

    Handset shuts down claiming dead battery. This happens most often while charging. Battery icon is RED. Upon reboot w/o charger, icon is GREEN and battery status is 100%.

  213. Morpheus4ever2004 says:

    some times the total pictures say 1500 and then it says 2210…Seems like at certain times I loose some pics and there is no rhyme or reason to this. What is going on?

  214. Redbaronv says:

    Had mine for 8 months now. After 6 months the micro usb port was becoming more and more temperamental, I sent it to HTC who ‘allegedly’ repaired it and returned it to me. 5 weeks later the same problem returned. returning it a second time HTC are reneging on the warranty and pointing the fault blame at me!!!! their line is “Our engineer says you must have dropped it” thus voiding the warranty. This is complete rubbish as, I’m paralysed from the neck down and wear my phone on a lanyard around my neck. I put it on when I get up and take it off last thing at night. I couldn’t drop my phone even if it was on fire. 
    I am still arguing with HTC regarding this but, regardless of the outcome, will NEVER BUY ANOTHER HTC PRODUCT!

    1. If your data cable wiggles where it is connnectedto the phone,get a needle nose pliers and squeeze the end slightly on the micro usb end of the data cable. Do not squeeze it so hard the you smash it completely flat but just apply slight pressure and slide it into the charging port on your phone till it does not wiggle and that should fix the problem. This is what I did to mine because I was having the same problem and I haven’t had trouble since

  215. kyle says:

    Wow everybody on here is dumb. There’s nothing wrong with the phone. I’ve had mine for almost a year and never any problems. User error maybe people? Mines rooted and I’ve flashed every Rom out there on this and its still kicking. and the screen goes black when your making a call if your face is near it or anything is over the sensor. To keep the light out of your eyes at night and save battery. People are just dumb.

  216. Midvale8310 says:

    I have lost my alarm clock somehow.  I don’t have the icon any longer.  I set my alarm by voice for 5:30 am and it goes off then but can’t access the days of the week.  it is also going off at midnite and I can’t change it.  Help!

  217. Applepickr says:

    Started out great but now it is starting to cause issues. Great for a first time smart phone user. I had it just one year. First issue is that it is continually asking to update but not doing it.  Second was the storage issue that others mentioned.  Found out it is a known issue.  They gave me a suggestion to move apps to SD card as many things are stored on the phone storage. If it persists they will do a factory reboot but that will erase your whole life (not reccomended). I moved my items and that seemed to work, at least for now.  It did not work for my friend. The latest issue is that it turns off alot for no reason.  Annoying.  Last night someone called and screeen froze. I could not answer the call or even shut it down. Hoped to have it a little longer than a year but may have to change. If they can fix these issues it would be a pretty good phone.

  218. If you are getting low memory on your Droid Incredible phone even though you know it is not and you have the Facebook app, DELETE it! That will fix the problem. Even though you do not open the app it still for some reason keeps loading data. I had cleared the data on the app and with out even opening it phone came up low on memory whent back on the apps list an saw it had more data on it. Facebook Messenger doesn’t seem to do it but the Facebook app itself does. I haven’t had any problems since. If you want to check facebook just check it on your browser, but be warned, do not close out your browser while it is still on facebook or even ebay because it will drain your battery quicker. I will always put my browser back to the google search screen when ever I close my browser, I found it does improve my battery life. I know wierd, but true

  219. Patrick M says:

    My HTC Android incredible has worked for a couple of months now the problems begin. Anyone having trouble un plugging their phone and having it die on you? The most recent problem is.. that it wont turn on at all. I will charge it but the light will not come on, I take the battery out and wait and put it back in. I got my sister to lend me her battery but nope still wont turn on. wtf?!?!

  220. Craig says:

    I’ve had my Incredible for jjust over two years and the only problem that I have had has been just recently. I get alerts telling me my internal storage is almost full, and it’s over 2/3rds empty. Not sure how to fix it. I’ve moved everything I can to the SD card and delete cache on all my Apps daily. Still have the issue. If anyone knows a fix, I’m listening…

  221. gloria says:

    I updated my droid incredible II yesterday and now I receive amber and weather alerts but my text message notification is not loud enough for me to hear now. Does anyone know how to fix this. I have never had a problem with this until I updated yesterday.

  222. gloria says:

    I updated my droid incredible II yesterday. Now I get amber and weather alerts but when I get a text message now I cannot hear the notification. Can anyone help?

  223. two peas in a pod says:

    my husband and I both have the incredible 2. takes great pics and it was a great phone for the first year. It is coming up on two years but short of being able to upgrade and we cannot use our touch screens, my phone shuts off randomly and I have to take out the battery to reset it. This is really upsetting when I am driving or using it for work! my husband it so angry, he cannot use his at all. I thought it might be that i have so many apps but he barely uses apps. He uses the alarms, phone and texting only and barely at that. I think Verizon owes us new phones since I cannot use them.

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