Microsoft experiment 19 to compliment Menlo

Over at znet.com it would seem that there maybe something going on at the moment with Microsoft at the moment. Menlo is a very hush project which appears to be focused on replacing Microsoft Windows CE with Windows NT inside of mobile devices.

Experiment 19 is a graphics platform which is designed to be able to compliment Menlo apparently. There are few references to Menlo on the Microsoft Research page and those that are there are very brief and rather generic.

It would seem that Menlo is definitely something to do with Microsoft’s future strategy in mobile space, but as to why the company are intending to replace the CE core which stands in the centre of many third party devices is rather strange.

Not only that but at the centre of many of Microsoft’s own products including Windows Mobile, Windows Phone OS 7.0 and also the Zune operating system the reasons behind this strategy are not certain.

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