MobileMe to gain Syncing Says iPhone Guru Steve Jobs

This little bit of MobileMe information comes via an email from the Apple man himself, Steve Jobs which was send to a Paul Greenberg and forwarded to cult of mac. Paul Greenberg apparently asked Jobs about a MobileMe feature that has been missing, the inability to sync notes via MobileMe.

Apparently the issue has been bugging the hell out of Greenberg for 3 years and he thought it was time to go to the top for an answer, in this case there’s no one more at the top than Steve Jobs.

Back when Jobs introduced the iPhone at Macworld 2007, Jobs showed Notes syncing, they can be synced between the iPhone and the Mail application but not via MobileMe and only via wire sync.

Anyway, Greenberg sent Mr. Jobs this…”I have 2 iMacs, Mackbook Pro, iPhone and now iPad but for some reason over the air syncing isn’t supported. Will you be fixing this soon?”

To which Mr. Jobs replied in his usual terse manner with…”Fixed in next software update.” Well at least it’s straight to the point and does answer the question which looks to be that MobileMe will gain syncing in the next iPhone OS update.

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