Microsoft KIN One and Two: Will you Pre-order Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the day for all you social network lovers who wishes to pre-order the Microsoft KIN One and Two, yes May 6th is the launch day when you can pre-order your device.

Is this going to be the case of teenage social network frenzy, we know that social networking fans will love the Microsoft KIN One and Two when they release with Verizon with its decent prices too boot.

The KIN One will cost around $50 after rebate on a new two-year contract and the better spec’d KIN Two will cost about $100 with the standard new contract.

These handsets are made by Sharp and the KIN One aka Turtle will feature capacitive 2.6-inch QVGA display, vertical-sliding phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, 4 GB of internal storage, 5-megapixel camera with a flash, WiFi, GPS and 3G.

The bigger boy KIN Two features an 8-megapixel camera capable of HD video recording, 8 GB of internal storage, 3.4-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, WiFi and 3G, both devices comes with the Tegra APX2600 processor and will run on Windows Phone operating system (NOT Windows 7).

The reason these will be popular devices is simply down to the networking side of things, updates from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter is there directly on the homescreen and a feature called KIN Spot will enable you to quickly share content. You are on a website and you wish to share with friends, well simply drag the page over to KIN Spot then drag the contact you wish to share with on the same KIN spot and that person will receive the link and picture via MMS or email.

Got to love the feature called Kin Studio, this will allow you to backup your videos and photos automatically to a web-based service, we will go into this a little more some other time.

You can pre-order tomorrow, these handsets will be available on Verizon Wireless Communications Stores on Thursday, May 13. Please let us know if you will be pre-ordering your handset and why.

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