Nokia N900 on Maemo platform supports Firefox 1.1

The Nokia N900 for those that didn’t know is a truly sophisticated phone based on the Linux based Maemo platform and by some described as a pocket computer.

An article just published over at ukpressreleases.co.uk states that the Nokia N900 will now support Firefox as its other browser engine Firefox 1.1 terrain which will assist users in there online activities.

The Firefox 1.1 beta is accommodated on the similar browser engine as Firefox 3.6 which is seen on desktop computers. You can expect to see an enhanced user interface along with performance enhancements and also UI responsiveness.

The Firefox 1.1 beta for the Nokia N900 is crammed with advancements and popular features. It includes a volume rocker used for zooming in and out and also has portrait mode support. All that is needed for you to get this is simply download, first run and then began page redesign.

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