New iPhone 4G will AT&T lose their customers to Verizon?

Here’s something to make you think a little, thanks to the guys over at product-reviews.net via appleinsider.com for this rather interesting read.

It appears from a new study that customers who are currently on AT&T are not totally happy with the call quality on their network, nor the level of service or lack of it that they are currently receiving.

The results of the study have shown that 4.5% of calls by AT&T customers were dropped during the past three months. Which is surprisingly the worst results out of the four major carriers in the United States.

Now this really isn’t good news when you consider that AT&T are attempting to persuade customers to move into new contracts for the upcoming iPhone 4G. Also in the same survey results revealed that Verizon who are rumoured to be supporting the iPhone in the future only suffered a 1.5% in dropped calls over the same period.

49% of Verizon customers have said that they are very satisfied with their service against just 23% of AT&T’s customers. So the question remains if you are an AT&T customer will you be considering moving over to Verizon if they secure the iPhone? Share your comments and opinions with us.


3 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G will AT&T lose their customers to Verizon?”

  1. Stubbs says:

    Yes, I would switch to Verizon to get the iphone. I currently own a AT & t blackberry. I would switch to the Verizon iphone before I would move to a new At & T blackberry 6 phone, if that happens

  2. Dave says:

    I just returned my 3GS at day 29 of AT&T's 30 day trial. I loved it, but right after buying it, I heard the next generation was VERY close, so kept it until the last minute to be iPhone-less for the shortest time. I have been thinking I'd be OK signing a 2yr withAT&T for the 4G, but now I wonder IF I could hold out for a new CDMA Verizon version of the 4G. I will have to weigh the presumed wait time for the Verizon 4G against FAR SUPERIOR call service with Verizon. IF a CDMA Verizon 4G was released (dreaming big time!) at the same time as the AT&T GSM version, I'd go Verizon, period.

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