Is iPhone Preferable to Android 2.1 by Featurephone Users?

According to an article over on Intomobile there is a new report which shows that featurephone users prefer the iPhone to Android 2.1 and they say although this may be true for some, a report not too long ago show the opposite.

A ChangeWave report at the end of March had more people interested in Android handsets than the iPhone albeit not by much and thus show Android was beating the iPhone for the first time, but this is the opposite of a report of a month ago.

Basically what they are saying as far as I can figure is you can believe these reports as many companies have different results and it depends on how many people are involved in the study and that statistic are just statistics in the end, and they say it is impossible to find the truth.

The guys then herald Mocospace saying its recent report makes the ChangeWave report “look like it doesn’t know what it’s talking about,” and the best way to get the truth of the matter is to look at the hard sales numbers.

On reading the article basically what they are saying is the ChangeWave report finds Android 2.1 more preferable to the iPhone while the Mocospace reports finds the iPhone more preferable to Android, but then isn’t this taking one statistics report as true over the other?

Basically I came away from the article not actually know if the iPhone is more preferable than Android 2.1 or the other way round as all it seemed to go on about was statistics being untrue or not as the case may be but doesn’t come up with any real results on what handset is more preferable.

Android is growing at a rapid rate, but then the iPhone commands a huge loyalty base, so it is difficult to really find out which is the more preferable and in the end who really gives a damn? If you want an iPhone you go get it, same with Android.

Statistics have never swayed me one way or the other into which phone I use, neither does hard sales figures for that matter. At the end of the day what does sway me is what the handset has to offer and whether I like it or not. So what are your thoughts, do statistics have any bearing on which handset you purchase?


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  1. My 2 yr love affair with iPhone ended recently with the HTC Desire. Initial reaction is whilst the android app market is much less impressive than the itunes App Store this will eventually change (i hope).
    What is certain is that the android system is less restrictive & far more customizable than the Apple system ever was.
    Which is why I prefer android linked with HTC Sense.

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