Nokia launching Windows Phone Rumour

The worlds leading mobile phone maker Nokia is believed to be working hard on a new device according to a recent report over at softpedia.com, which is has been rumoured may run under Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

The rumour has come because a recent article has stated that Wolfson Microelectronics who are a British microelectronics and fabless semiconductor corporation that specialise in signal processing chips have been selected to provide the technology for the upcoming mobile.

The company Wolfson suffered a set back in 2008 after they lost their contract to supply components for the Apple iPod, but some of that pain was lifted last year when they were selected to provide some of their technology for a leading mobile phone manufacturer, which is believed to be Nokia for its new Windows Mobile Handset.

Rumours on the possibility that Nokia would be coming to the market with a device which runs under Windows Mobile have been doing the rounds for quite a while now but all turned out to be false in the end. Of course Microsoft would love to have their operating system loaded on Nokia phones although the chances of that happening are slim. Well we’ll have to wait and see who the leading mobile phone manufacturer turns out to be.


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  1. Actually I am very impressed with Nokia's work until today's date, it is very great mobile company. I love this Nokia's logo. As reports says Nokia is still big outside of the US, it makes sense to me that if they're interested and if MS can they should try to get Nokia as a WP7 partner.
    Because as Nokia's graph it has many customers which are satisfied.

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