Orange Lisbon and Rio to Launch on PAYG in UK

Looks like Orange is ready to launch a couple of new Orange branded pay as you go handsets in the UK according to an article over on unwired view, and will be the Orange Lisbon and Orange Rio handets but unlike the Orange Boston will not pack Android goodness.

The Orange Lisbon is an entry level full touch handset that is described as “incredibly lightweight,” and sports a QVGA display, 2G connectivity, 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3 player and microSD expansion up to 8GB.

The Orange Rio features a QWERTY keypad, 2 megapixel camera, 2G connectivity, FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3 player, microSD expansion up to 16GB and memory stick micro included.

Orange will offer the Lisbon on pay as you go for a price tag of just £35 with £10 top up while the Orange Rio will be offered at £55 with a £10 top up and are currently marked as “coming soon.”


8 thoughts on “Orange Lisbon and Rio to Launch on PAYG in UK”

  1. becky! says:

    the lisbon is a rubbish phone
    i have it now! its horrible! i went on holiday the day i got it for 3weeks and then after i couldnt take it back coz i was one day out! not 4months not a month 1day out!:( it takes ages to turn it on, and u have to tap it so hard! a rubbish touch phone! not jokes! all ym friends have used my phone and cudnt use it! for accidents its rubbish u have to press the numbers so hard! then buttons for texting are RUBISH and tiny so wen u go to touch a button it touches on the button next 2 it!

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