Rolls Royce iPhone App launches for free

It has been recently announced that Rolls Royce have launched an application which is free I might add according to a recent post over at itproportal.com

The application which is obtainable from the iTunes App store allows you to configure your very own Ghost car from all of their devices and see the final design before you actually order the car.

You can choose from thousands of potential designs colours and other customisations that may appeal to you and end up with your ideal version of the car.

When your happy with your end product you’ll then have your design saved in a virtual garage. The application also features images and also videos of the car and at the end there is even a dealership where you can order your much desired Ghost.

As I have mentioned the application from iTunes is free, sadly the car is far from it at £195, 000 which is equivalent to more than 30 Kia Picatno’s but is cheaper than iPhone 3GS Supreme, which if you have £1.92 million doing nothing its yours.

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