iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose for £1.93 Million, Ridiculous!

Now I know the iPhone 3GS is a good smartphone, and is classed as the king of smartphones, but come on, some people really must have more money than sense, and it appears it’s the Australians.

According to an article over on pocket-lint, the iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose has been commissioned from the Goldstriker team at a most disgustingly ridiculous price of £1.93 Million which beats the previous luxury version by a further £10,000.

This now grabs the world’s most expensive mobile phone crown and adds yet another rare 7.5 carat single cut diamond to the bling. The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose also offers 18 carat rose gold, more diamonds, 4 2.5 carat pink baguette diamonds, and a platinum bezel.

To be perfectly honest, if I could afford suck an over the top expensive iPhone I would keep it under lock and key in a bank, and if that’s the case there’s not much point in owning it in the first place. Sure makes a tidy piece of temptation for crooks though.

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