Nearly 2 Million Quid for a Diamond Studded iPhone?

You would have to be either filthy rich or seriously off your rocker to purchase this luxury iPhone which is apparently the most expensive iPhone in the world at a mind boggling £1.92 million reports an article over on the Times Online.

What makes an iPhone so expensive, well it apparently has a 22 carat solid gold case while the front button houses a diamond of over 7 carats and the front bezel and 136 diamonds and lastly but not least the Apple logo on its rear has 53 diamonds.

The handset has been christened with its own name too and is called the iPhone 3GS Supreme which is the work of Stuart Hughes who took some 10 months to create the luxury iPhone which also apparently comes sitting neatly in a granite and Kashmir gold chest lined with nubuck leather.

Word has it the iPhone 3GS Supreme was commissioned by an anonymous Australian businessman, and to be quite frank I’m not surprised he wanted to remain anonymous.

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