iPhone and Nokia Marry in Cooli902 Knock Off

When it comes to knocked off mobile phones, the iPhone and Nokia handsets have seen their fair share of rip offs, but one does have to say it’s not that often one sees both the iPhone and a Nokia handset knocked off and pushed out as one handset.

However according to an article over on pmptoday there is such a beast available. Apparently the Cooli902 has knocked off the 3.5 inch iPhone touch screen along with a fairly convincing clone of the iPhone operating system and then slaps on a Nokia design full QWERTY keyboard direct from a Nokia N97.

Now apparently this iPhone/Nokia Cooli902 even has the slide QWERTY open at that same familiar angle as the original Nokia N97 and even has an identical layout.

Other features with this iPhone/Nokia marriage include WiFi, 2 megapixel camera, and support for MP3 and MP4, Bluetooth and an analogue TV antenna. Price wise the Cooli902 will set you back some $142, which isn’t bad for an iPhone/Nokia hybrid right?